Delhi is a lot more than just the capital and political epicenter of the country. It is a beautiful city which offers a great mix of history and contemporary architecture. The city is home to the Indian government, mainstream media houses, India’s top universities, best industries, international brands, and a lot more. As you read this article further you will know a lot more about Delhi, treat this as a perfect travel guide while travelling to Delhi.

Best Time To Visit


As the city is known for its temperamental and dry climate, it’s important to carefully plan the time to visit this beautiful city. The ideal time to travel to Delhi is between February and March or October and November, the weather during these months is quite cool and pleasant. Usually the temperature during these months is around a comfortable 20-30°C, which is perfect for the tourist to enjoy around the city.

You should avoid travelling to Delhi between April and June, as during the summer months the temperatures reach a high of 40°C. On the other hand one should also avoid December and January as Delhi experiences extreme winter during these months with temperatures dropping to zero°.

Delhi is one of the most happening and exciting cities of India. It is filled with must-see landmarks, historical monuments and cultural attractions. But most travelers visiting Delhi for the first time do not explore the city correctly. And it’s not their fault. Delhi is a huge city and commuting through it can be a hassle sometimes. But some of the tips below will help you explore Delhi easily.

A Glimpse Of The Bygone Era

The most amazing thing about Delhi is the history which surrounds it. Every nook and corner of Delhi has some ancient story attached to it. In totality the city has around 174 monuments. Below is a list of few which are definitely worth a visit.

Red Fort (Laal Quila)

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Red fort is one of the most iconic monuments of India, it is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. this iconic sight hold a lot of historical as well as polilical importance as it is from here that the prime minister hoists the flag every independence day. Red Fort has been the residence of several Mughal Emperors for about two-hundred years. Tourist should visit this sight at night to enjoy the amazing sound and light show.

Humayun’s Tomb

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This beautiful monument was built be during 1569-70 and serves as the tomb of the famous Mughal Emperor Humayun. The structure of this tomb was inspired by the Taj Mahal and is surrounded with lush green gardens on all four sides.

India Gate

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If you are planning to visit Delhi and then the India gate should definitely be on your must visit list. The India Gate was constructed during the British Raj to commemorate 82,000 Indian soldiers of the Indian Army and some British officers, who were martyrs of the Third Anglo-Afghan War.

The ideal time to visit India Gate is during early mornings, when the place isn’t too crowed or at night, when the monument is decorated with lights.

Bargain Shopping in Delhi

Apart from checking out the monuments, bargain shopping is another Delhi experience which every traveler should try. There are several places in Delhi where you can get amazing deals on various items like clothing, jeweler and footwear. A little bit of cash might get you loads of trendy stuff.

One of the top shopping destinations in Delhi is Sarojini Nagar no matter what your age or gender is, there is something for everyone here. Palika is a place meant for guys and techno freaks. Here you can find everything from laptops to keychain. The key point is to ‘bargain’ effectively.

Along with these one must also check Janpath, Lajpat Nagar, Chandni Chowk, Nehru Place and Karol Bagh/ Gaffar Market for great bargain deals.

Though all this doesn’t completely cover the huge city of Delhi, but is sure to get you started on the right foot!



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