Switzerland Travel Guide
Switzerland Travel Guide

About Switzerland :The breathtaking views of the snow capped Alps, the scenic landscapes; lush green countryside makes Switzerland a hotspot tourist destination. Embark on a sublime journey of mystic experiences with nature in this enchanting country.

If you are planning a trip, you need to keep certain things in mind before starting your journey:

  • Flight information
  • Car rental information
  • Other transportation details
  • Accommodation information
  • Maps and guidelines
  • Schedule
  • Activities and sightseeing opportunities
Switzerland Travel Guide
Switzerland Travel Guide

Places to visit in Switzerland

Lakes, castles, forests, mountain resorts, adventure, museums blend of ancient and modern architecture has made the sightseeing in Switzerland an exciting experience for each and every visitora. The fresh mountain air and the pictographic scenery of the Jungfrau region, the marvelous castle of Chillion on the Swiss Riviera, exotic wildlife along with the breathtaking views of the Swiss National Park, winter sports, spa and mineral therapies at the St Moritz, the gushing waters of the magnificent Rhine Falls makes this place enchanting. Some other popular places in Switzerland to keep you coming back for more are Matterhorne, Geneva, St Gallen, Mt Pilatus, Interlaken, Zurich, Lugano and many other interesting places.

Let’s explore some amazing places of Switzerland:

  • Zurich: The fascinating view of the snow covered Alps, an unusual blend of tourist attractions-churches, museums, art galleries, internationally renowned fashion brands, vivacious nightlife, adventure activities all this and much more in the scenic city of Zurich. Discover the magic of Switzerland in the heart of Zurich.
  • Geneva: Nestled between the hill area of the Jura Mountains and the Alpine Peaks, Geneva is situated in a bay in the most beautiful European country of Switzerland. Explore the charm of the Switzerland’s most international city being the seat of the important humanitarian organizations like UNO and Red Cross society.
  • Zermatt: At the base of the Matterhorn is Zermatt, one of the planet’s most striking holiday villages in the enthralling Switzerland. A travelers ‘bliss it is also known as the “Matterhorn glacier paradise” and is Europe’s prime and highest lying summer skiing region.
  • Lucerne: The gateway to the heart of Switzerland, with the magnificent mountainous panorama, spectacular lakeside setting,excursions to the mountains of Pilatus, Rigi and Stanserhorn, the watch shops and souvenirs makes Lucerne a must visit when planning a trip to Switzerland. Nature at its best, it is a perfect place to relax in the lap of nature.
  • Interlaken: Located in the mesmerizing Switzerland, Interlaken is a traveler’s paradise. Sun kissed lake, majestic mountains, scenic landscapes, adventure activities have attracted tourists from all over. Discover the magic of Europe in the enchanting Interlaken and fall love in love with nature.

Things to do in Switzerland

The nightlife in Switzerland is lively with the bars, pubs and nightclubs in all the cities. You can groove on some techno music, listen to jazz or live bands, visit a casino or spend a quiet evening strolling through the streets and see the glittering lights dotting the cities. This mesmerizing place will make you fall in love with nature and beauty in just one shot.

Famous for chocolates, watches and cheese, you cannot come back without your bags full of these things. Cowbells, cuckoo clocks, Matterhorn snow globes souvenirs makes shopping in Switzerland exciting. With many souvenir shops, cow bells, leather goods the tourists can take home many memories of this place.

The fairs and festivals of Switzerland are mirrors of their culture and traditions. From traditional celebrations to sporting events, folk spectacles to entertainment – all the festivities are celebrated with grandeur and reflect their happiness.


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