New York is simply flooded with high energy levels. Right from those amazing leafy paths till the Times Square central, the place has a lot to do and explore. New York is truly a global center of fashion, media, entertainment and finance. It encompasses world-class museums and unforgettable architectures. The rewarding enclaves and the mesmerizing markets are sure to leave the place eternally alive in you. The trip can be really nostalgic if enjoyed in the right way. So let’s know about those “must Dos” in the tantalizing city of New York:

  • Modern Art museum,

Modern Art museum; perhaps the most influential museum of the world which is truly captivating. The epitome of modern art is brim filled with astounding art pieces which include paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography’s and over 3,00,000 books.

  • The thematic central park

The central Manhattan and an ingenious creation of mankind lie in the heart of New York City; the central park is sprawling 843 acres broad and has a castle-like shape. It is also a zoo for beautiful sea lions and the scarcely found penguins. The park remains alive throughout the year. It witnesses seamless activities which are enough to entertain you.

  • The Broadway musicals

The trip to New York is definitely incomplete without the Broadway musicals. The awe spring productions are ever inspiring in nature. They have been awarded with the very prestigious grammyaward and 50 other varieties. These musicals are just perfect for experiencing the art of mayor city in a soulful manner.

  • The central terminal

The central terminal is one of the most astounding landmarks of the New York City. It was built in 193 and gets over 50000 commentators per day. The central park is flooded with shops that sell lip smacking goodies. It is the best place to be visited during the noon time.

  • The fifth avenue

Shopping at New York is absolutely incomplete if you did not grab the fifth avenue stuff. Although, there are variegated other places that can lure you for shopping. But, the charisma of Fifth Avenue is something that is totally different from the rest. The high fashion market is simply the stoppage point of the people who believe in conspicuous consumption.

  • Chelsea market

Chelsea market attracts the tourists for its soups, coffee, cheesecakes, wine and nuts. The back architecture of the Chelsea market is of unique character. The foreign tourists who are fond of food can rejoice themselves at Chelsea market.

  • Brooklyn bridge

The cable-stayed bridge is a magnificent creation of mankind. The ultimate way to experience the creativity of the bridge is by taking a long walk of 45 minutes and admiring the skyline views getting unfolded above you.

  • Rockefellar center

This national historic landmark of NY is filled with boutiques, ice drinks, fine dining and Christmas trees. It is commercially vital and architecturally profound.

  • September 11 memorial

This memorial was erected in the memory who died in the 9/11 attack. The cascading building is etched with the names of the ones who lost their lives in the havoc.

  • The high line

The elevated 2.33km park that specifically runs along the bottom west side in the NY city is used for carrying variegated goods from factories to other organizations.

  • Times square

It receives over 30 million tourists yearly. The commercial hub glows dramatically during the midnight with its impeccable sign boards and neon advertisements.

  • Empire state building

The building is an amazing sky scraper situated in the midtown. It offers a substantial observatory in NY. It lets you have a breath taking view of the New Jersey.

  • Statue of liberty

The lady liberty truly symbolizes the great New York City. In fact it is the mark through which this city is often recognized.

  • The botanic gardens

With 52-acres of greenery, Brooklyn botanic gardens are surely the best in the town. They are flooded with natural greenery and symbolize the Japanese culture in a true sense.

  • Governors island

A little island which is just 700 meters away from the city is known since centuries. It has been named as the governor’s island because majority of the homes it has are owned by the military personals and coast guards.

  • The NY public library

Discovered in 1895, the New York public library is the major repository of knowledgeable books. It has been serving people since centuries and encompasses some of the rarest books of the world.

  • Carnegie hall

The finest music venue which gives a thorough treat to your ears has been the favorite venue of the music lovers since years. The perfected design and ageless elegance of the hall showcases the talent of some of the best musicians of the world from time to time.

  • Eataly

It is the brainchild of the celebrity which arrays the awesome selection Italian section of the Italian foodstuff. If you want to taste the handmade pasta, fresh mozzarella, seasonal fish and prosciutto, then Eataly is the best place for you.

  • Guggenheim museum

The wright-designed museum is amongst the 20th century`s architectural landmarks. The amazing rotunda of the museum has been the site of various celebrated exhibitions.

  • Meatpacking district

The meatpacking district is known for its go-go lifestyle and exclusive policies. It gives plenty of culinary pleasures and has charming town houses.

  • SoHo

The most diversified neighborhood tower is the heart and soul of New York City. It is often used as the backdrop of most of the movie locations and fashion shoots.

  • Staten island ferry

It gets over 70000 passengers all year round. The free boat rider gives chilling experience to the visitors.

  • Bryant park

It is just perfect for ice skating and watching summer movies over the lawn. It is also a lovely place for conducting meetings and enjoying meals

  • MoMA

It features 125,000 square feet galley space that holds extraordinary exhibitions with some of the finest collections of the world.

  • Bronx Zoo

It comprises of more than 4000 animals which include some of the best and rarest species. The zoo is a must visit for all the local and foreign visitors.


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