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Maharashtra treks

Maharashtra is a state known mostly for is sprawling metropolitan- Mumbai. The state spans over west central India. It also has a long coastline to the west. The south-western coastline is particularly famous- the rustic Konkan. This is not all the state has to offer in the name of tourism, there are some very interesting place where hiking and trekking may be possible. Being in the Central part of the country, trekking here is devoid of the danger of wind causing imbalance and fall for hikers.

Garbett Point

Garbett point is located 17kms from the very famous hill station of Maharashtra- Matheran. The Garbett point is a bit elevated and gives the grand view of the plateau beneath. Flanked by gorgeous valley and forest on either side the place is famous as a sunset point. However, this is just an attraction on the way. The main trek is to Matheran from this point. This is a very popular trail amongst the local youth of the state. The Garbett point is a short steep ascend from the plateau beneath.From garbett point the trail is 5 kms long to Matheran. This needs to be traversed with patience and mind at ease.

Vikatgadh fort

The vikatgadh fort is situated 13 kms from matheran. It lies at m above sea level. It’s a very popular one day monsoon trek near Mumbai. The fort is named after the Lord Ganesha. hostofical references clearly state that the great warrior shivaji used this fort to store grains. The trek to the fort is mostly coverable on foot. However for the ones overflowing with adventure spirit, there is an option for a technical climb using ropes and such. Even after getting into the fort one must crawl through tunnels to get to a point of vantage and enjoy the beauty from the walls.


Irshalgadh is a twin for the above mentions vikatgadh. This one is particularly interesting because the water tanks here have been cut out from rock and are based in the ground. Irshalgadh pinnacle is easily accessible on foot by a 3km trek that takes up to about 3 hours. The trek starts at a village named Karja. The path from karja passes through a steep ridge and tapers to an easy to moderate ascend till Irshalwadi.

Sinhgarh Fort

Sinhgarh fort, whose name literally means The Fort of Lion’s Land, is a very popular destination for Pune city excursions. Apart from that it doubles as a trekking spot. The fort is accessible via a trekking trail and by vehicle route. The trek is of moderate difficulty and commences from sinhgarh village. The trail is 3 kms long and takes hardly an hour.

For the outdoors person visiting Maharashtra it is evident that, no disappointment entails. However Maharashtra has not yet given specific attention to developing trekking trails or anything of the sort. The presently trekking options are at places that can be otherwise reached at by vehicles. But, if you are a hiking nut, like most of the people reading this, you may take the road less travelled and hike your way up to popular destinations while other hightail there in their motorbikes and cars.

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