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5 Offbeat Things You Need to do on a Trip to Goa

One of the most sought after vacation destination, Goa has a natural charm that leave you in awe. Whether you are planning your bachelorette, honeymoon or a fun vacation with your friends, Goa tops the list of your desired destinations. No matter how many times you visit this fun and scenic destination, you will keep longing for more. Beach shopping, lazing around , or partying at the beaches are some of the things to do in Goa. However, apart from participating in the obvious activities, there are also a number of other offbeat activities you can indulge in and thoroughly enjoy in Goa trip.

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  1. Visit the Spice Plantation

When in Goa, don’t miss out visiting the spice plantation in Ponda area which is also known as Sahakari spice plantation. One of the largest spice farms in India, the farm also lets you pluck and taste different spices such as pepper and Peri Peri which is considered one of the hottest chillies in the world. In addition to this, you can also enjoy the elephant shower which will kepp you longing for more. If you are a foodie, don’t miss out feasting on the traditional Goan cuisine which is prepared using the spices from the farm.

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  1. Watch the Dolphins

Surprised? Many of us are not aware of the fact that you can catch a glimpse of dolphins in Goa. All you need to do is book a boat service and you can explore the area to see the dolphins playing around in the sea. If you have always longed to watch dolphins play in the sea, this id your chance to turn your dream into reality.

  1. Visit the Butterfly Conservatory

Another scenic destination that you can visit on your trip to Goa is the butterfly conservatory. The conservatory has some of the most colourful and unique butterflies fluttering around. In addition to watching the butterflies, you can also feed them these beautiful butterflies with juicy fruits. You can also watch these butterflies gather nectar on a visit to the conservatory.

  1. Island Hopping

If you want to spend some time in a quiet location, you can go for island hopping. The secluded islands in Goa are one of the most beautiful part of the city. You can enjoy multiple ferry rides in the island. The island is renowned for its Portugueses-style houses all aroud the landscape. In addition, the plus green vegetation an soothing environment add to the scenic beauty of the destination.

  1. Visit the Goan Caves

Goa is the home to surreal dark caves that have a great historic and natural importance. What adds to the beauty of the place is that some of the caves are manmade. When on a trip to Goa, don’t miss out visiting the three most important caves-The Arvalem Caves, The Lamgau Caves and the Rivona Caves.

Last Few Words

Those were some of the offbeat things you can do when on a trip to Goa. Considered one of the most fun and happening holiday destinations in India, Goa will leave you mesmerized and longing for more.

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