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Gerenada is the country located in Caribbean and consists the group of six small islands in the south west part of Caribbean Sea. As there is the huge production of nutmeg and mace crops, this is also known as “Island of Spice” and is one of the largest exporters in the world. The capital city of this country is St. George’s. in sports, cricket is the most popular game of this country. In culture, the folk tales of this country has the influence of French and African culture.

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Grenada national Museum is the center if attraction for tourists in this country. This museum was established in 1976 and explores the Amerindian and European History and Heritage. Earlier, this building was used as a prisoner for female inmates. The main theme of this museum is archeology and history. There are various sections of this museum like slavery, first inhabitants, plantation, economy, whaling and fishing archeology and early transport and technology. Further, it also displays Carib and Araak historical items, sugfar processing machine and tools, whaling industry items and the famous marble bath.

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Grand Anse Beach is the beautiful beach in Gernada. While visiting this beach, you will find white sand spread across three kilometers. Other than these, you will also find water sport specialists, hotels, restaurants and vendor markets from where you can purchase the local items and food.

Another place to visit while traveling to Grenada is a waterfall, known as Annandale Falls. These are the falls that are easy to see and you can easily reach here through local transport. Here, you can also enjoy a small trail and local vegetations also grows here. Some plants that grow here are of saffron, avocado, nutmeg, mint and many others. For fun, you can also jump into the pool from top of the falls. You can also buy cold beers, coconuts, local juices and spice necklaces around these falls.

Concord Falls is also the stunning sight to visit in Grenada. You can enjoy the hiking in these falls and it consists of three waterfalls. It is situated at the western part of island and the water here is chilled and crystal clear as well. The trail is also available here that goes through nutmeg production.

Levera National Park is another beautiful park in Grenada. This park has unspoiled rainforests and marine areas. Here, you get an opportunity to explore the largest mangrove forests and strange species of birds with variety of herons. It also has a pond that has mangrove islands around it and has the area of 23 acres. You can enjoy the walking on trail in this park.

Some other places to visit in Grenada includes Pink Gin Beach, Prickly Beach, Fort George, Belmont Estate, Tyrell Bay Beach, Ford Fredrick, BBC Beach, Paradise Beach, The Carenage and many more.

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The dry season from January to April is considered as best months to visit Grenada and if you want to attend the carnival, august is the best time for it.

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