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8 Coolest Gas Stations in America

Gassing up the travelling vehicle you own is pretty important for having a hassle free journey. Some of the gas stations at America are literally a humdrum of all possible vehicle services. Let’s have a look at some of the coolest gas stations of the place,Coolest Gas Stations

  • Jack Colker’s 76

With an exceptional architecture and a style that is much featured, Jack Colker’s 76 manage to revive the car muscles thereby giving it a galactic future ahead. The gas station has a flying saucer roof which makes it look quite impressive and energizing.

  • Helios house California

Located at LosAngeles, Helios house has a huge geometric structure that boasts of eco-friendly materials that reflect the solar radiation away.

  • Airplane Service Station

Located at Tennessee, the airplane gas station is also called Powell airplane station. It was established in 1930 with an aero plane like architecture. The station was built by two brothers named henry nickel and Elmer. The main idea of building the service station was to consolidate their business by providing gas service to the local residents as well as traveller of America.

  • Tower Conoco

The Tower Conoco gas station is located at texas. It was built in 1936 with a curvilinear design and deco style architecture. The neon highlights of the place are a central attraction for the customers. The main theme of the gas station is green with a Christ like symbol at its top.

  • Shell Service Station,

Located at north Carolina, Shell Service Station by established in 1930 by ralph and his father R.H. Burton. The oil company owners planned to captivate more customers by installing multiple shell-shaped service stations. Initially there were around 8 such service stations. But, only one remains to provide service as of now.

  • Hollow Mountain Station

Build in 1984, Hollow Mountain Station in Utah was carved out of mountains. However, currently it looks much like a cave and has a restroom within it. It also has aconvenience store and the overall look of the gas station is much like a heap of stones lying over the roadside.

  • World War II Bomber Gas Station

Located in Oregon, old Highway 99E, the World War II Bomber Gas Station was originally erected for providing shade. However, now it has been transformed into a commercial center which provides gas filling and other petty services to the vehicles of the passengers.

  • Teapot Gas Station

Perhaps the most beautiful gas station of America is the Teapot Gas Station. It is located at Washington and is quite cute in looks. The white and red themed service station was built in 1922 and operated smoothly for about 80 years. However, in 2007, it was handed over to the tourism sector of the country. The name of the gas station was kept after a scandal that took place in the time of President Harding.  The government owned an oil field named tea pot dome which it had to lease to the private firms under the obscure circumstances.

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