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Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Warangal district in Telangana. This sanctuary is rich in biodiversity. Additionally,This sanctuary contains a lake inside. The lake which is inside it is Pakhal Lake. Lets us look at the other elements of this sanctuary that draws large crowds towards it.

  1. Location and how to reach:

This sanctuary is located in Warangal district of Telangana. It almost covers an area of 860 square kilometers. Any of the rail, road and air transport can be chosen to access this wildlife sanctuary.

The nearest railway station to this sanctuary is at Warangal, which is 60 kilometres off this sanctuary.

The nearest airport to this sanctuary is at Hyderabad, which is about 240 kilometres off the sanctuary.

There are many roads which connect to this sanctuary. National highways link to this sanctuary. Also this sanctuary is connected to well-known cities and it is easier to reach this place by using cars or jeeps.

  1. Flora:

The vegetation here consists of evergreen plants and shrubs, bamboo, teak trees and also much of the deciduous forest species.

Bombax ceiba, Adina cordifolia, Bridelia retusa are various deciduous species here. Among the evergreen vegetation, the species include Aegle marmelos, Mallotus philippensis.

  1. Fauna:

Due to the various types of flora found here, animals are also present in large numbers in this sanctuary.

Animals that are in this sanctuary include sloth bear, sambhar, antelope with four horns, Nilgai, chital, blackbuck, mountain gazelle, wild boar, panther, hyena, jackal, wild dog, porcupine, languor. Tigers, Leopards and spotted deer can also appear in this place.

Also, many birds migrate here due to the favourable climate and the presence of the Lake.

The reptiles that are in this sanctuary include Python, cobra, common krait, monitor lizard and crocodiles.


  1. Other information:

1952 is the year in which This sanctuary. The average temperature of this place varies from 15 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius. The average rainfall is around 1225 mm. The best time for visiting this sanctuary is between November to May. Moreover, There is no entry fee for this sanctuary.

The main attraction in this sanctuary is the Pakhal Lake. This lake alone draws many visitors per year. The tourists attract towards this lake to witness the sheer beauty of this Lake.

This sanctuary must be visited to know about its elements and specialties. However,This is one of the most unique destinations in Telangana, where the flora and fauna meet in the picturesque landscape of nature. This makes this sanctuary a must-visit one.


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