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Places To Visit In Cuba

Traveling is something that brings amazing feeling in ones heart. Everyone in the Universe love to experience adventures trips and when it comes to a place like Cuba, you cannot stop yourself for the thrilling experience. You will get a completely new and joyous colors of life in Cuba, the infectious surroundings of the island will give you ultimate peace you desire.

Here, we have listed up 5 places that you should must visit in Cuba.

Malecon In Havana

If you miss Havana while visiting Cuba, you will regret whole life because you will miss hell fun out of your trip. And If Havana is the heart of Cuba then no denials Malecon is the heart of Havana. Malecon is basically a esplanade road that goes along coast. You can have the most pleasurable view of while gazing out into the ocean. You can drive, walk and also enjoy the nightlife here.

Old Havana

Another can’t miss experience in Havana is to go to Habana Vieja or Old Havana. This is where the beautiful crumbling architecture actually is pretty well preserved and in some parts, it’s phenomenal.

And last but not the least do not miss the actual fun that is The Tropicana Nightclub on the outskirts of Havana.


Vinales is one of the tiniest town, having the strongest influence over the country. Here you will have the closest glance to the regional life of Cuban culture. It is a place where you can get the best grown tobacco, even the biggest cigar brands use it in their products.


You can  call it the Paris of Cuba, the culture and history beautifully exist in each and every single thing of Cienfuegos. People of this region is best known for their cultural values. The ‘Bahia de Jagua’- A bay, ‘Art Galleries’ and other places makes it incredible.


Trinidad is another historic land of Cuba. The narrow cobbled streets and the low, leaning, brightly colored houses are iconic to this city. Trinidad is a place of unrivalled beauty in this country already well represented in the photogenic stakes. It is being counted in the most historic lands of UNESCO heritage. The beauty here is worth capturing every single second you spend there.

Playa Ancon

It is the best place in the town of Trinidad, but it is actually 10 miles away. It is a lonely island Playa Ancón is often considered as the finest arc of sand on Cuba’s south coast. It is an amazing sight with three luxurious around. It will take you a long time to reach to the destination but this you will find it worth to spend time.

These places in Cuba will make your trip a memorable one and worth.


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