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Places To Visit In Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is the most popular and an affordable beach destination of Caribbean nation which shares its island with Hispaniola with Haiti to the west in the continent of North America. Its capital is Santo Domingo which is known for its preservation of jewels, rich heritage and culture. The place has remained most popular tourist’s attraction since long time and has welcomed for about millions of tourists. It has been popularly known for its beaches, islands, resorts, national parks etc.

Some of its popular tourists attractions are Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Eastern National Park, Playa Dorado, La Romana, and many more. Below follows small description of the most famous places to visit in Dominican Republic.


It is the capital of Dominican Republic and is most popularly known for its preservation of jewels, rich heritage, and culture. Also most or we can say almost all the hotels are present in this city. As for the preservation of rich heritage we find great architecture various museums and also some of the royal buildings. Tourists are mostly attracted towards its architecture, National palace and Museum of Fine arts.


The beaches of Punta Cana attract a large number of tourists which interest in adventure and water sports. It provides a wonderful view of sky which is filled with regular flights and charters approaching now and then. Also it has the world class golf course there.


One of the most popular beach destinations of Dominican Republic is located on the north coastline. It has beautiful scenery with beach surrounded with palm trees. Known as country’s first tourist’s destination is surrounded by large number of restaurants and shopping places.


Eastern National Park is the habitat of number of plants and animals. There are found rare white headed Dove, rihenocores, 112 rare species of birds, dolphins, also fishes. There tourists can also find beaches to rest upon.


La Romana is on the southern coast of Dominican Republic where the most famous resort Casa De Framo is located which was decorated by the Dominican designers. Also the famous Teeth Dog Golf course is found here in the resort. There is also the cruise destination.


Tourists can see the humpback whales during the month of January and February. Those who love nature it’s the best place to visit as the can see thick mangroves, crystal clear water, green vegetation, unique rock formation. Horse riding, hiking, birding, are most popular adventures to b done.



The country’s only white water river is found in jarabacoa. It is filled with attraction of various tastes as in waterfall, rivers, and rugged terrains. Also now it is becoming famous for water sports and mountain adventures like rafting, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing.


It is the largest saltwater lake with the presence of Flamingos and Iguanas. Also it is the reserve of American crocodiles, and presence of 110 rare flora species and birds ranging from parrots to pigeons




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