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Places to Visit in Grenada

Grenada is the island city if Caribbean sea known as ‘Spice Island ‘because of the presence of fragnant nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and cocoa which are grown in its soil. For travellers it offers mixture of culture of rainforest, plantation, mountains, villages and beautiful beaches.

Grenada offers a pure and authentic lifestyle that one feels pure and renewed in its atmosphere. It is said that love begins in Grenada and with its peaceful and captivating beauty it gives a chance to the love to flourish their love in this city of spice and love.

Below mentions and give the description of the most popular places to b visited when one thinks of Grenada


St. George is the capital city of Grenada which had owned the title of the most beautiful harbour in the horseshoe shape in town of Caribbean.

It offers beautiful streets that one walking through them feels as if walking through some oil painting. The street is flooded with the fragrance of its spices and crafts which the locals sell there.


Grand Anse Beach is Grenada’s most famous and the most beautiful beach which is visited by people to enjoy the sun set on the golden sand. The sea is very calm which provide the visitors an opportunity of swimming. Alse there is found the Grand Anse Craft and Spice market which sometimes distrupts the peace of the visitors.


It is the home to rich diversity of exotic plants and animals. One of the main focuses of the park is Etang Lake. There goes in many trails which take you through the park making an encounter to various animals as mocking birds, monkeys, tall trees etc. The most popular hike among them there is the Seven Sisters Hike which is present close to Etang Lake.


On the west coast of Grenada is located the underwater sculpture park which is a unique submerged gallery of various sculptures, art and craft. Divers, glass bottom boat passengers can see and enjoy this exhibition.


From the mountains of St. George’s Annandale fall plunges. The visitors can swim at the base of the fall an can also enjoy the diver diving from up above.


It is the island offering the visitors the taste of old Caribbean with the mixture of black as well as white sand beaches. The island is full of small hotels, restaurants, and the local museum. Also one can experience the Grenadian culture through the celebration of carriacou carnival.


This island is just few miles from carriacou much quiter but equally beautiful. There are less to do things here with only couple of restaurants, and guesthouse. But one can find many colours of Grenadian culture here as well.


It is one of the oldest and largest spice centre of Grenada which offers the visitors an opportunity to know about how the island’s spices are grown and processed. Visitors can also buy from here the most famous spices of Grenada fragrant nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and cocoa.


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