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Vacation in Mexico where hair gets lighter,skin gets darker,water gets warmer,drink gets colder,music gets louder,night gets longer and life gets better. Mexico is the country between the US and Central America with it’s beaches,diverse landscape,deserts,flora and fauna. The quite colonial towns and the jungles buzzing with monkeys.


Founded in 1531 in central Mexico with over 300 million people residing. This place is known to be the gastronomical capital of Mexico. The famous cathedral De Pubela with it’s magnificent statues is standing to capture your heart. The traditional dish mole Poblano has it’s origin here. It also has the largest pyramid ever built to amaze the world.


Women love this place for the silver jewelry. The town is beautifully decorated with paved stones,huge houses and silver shops make this place a wonder. The Baroque architecture is showcased by Santa Prisca Church. This place is filled with people during the holy week praying for their loved ones.


The capital of the Yucatan state popularly known as the white city. The main place called the ÉL ZOCALO is hub of historic inventions like the governor’s palace,old city hall,16th century cathedral. After your daily routine this place helps to calm your eyes with it’s classic scenic beauty.


The mega canyon in the world with more than 1000 canyons. Founded in the Tara Humara mountains.These canyons have greenish copper color. This dense color comes from the thick vegetation,the flora and the fauna. It’s set above 2400 meter giving a breathtaking view of the canyons. People who are fond of adventure comes to do rock climbing,hiking trails.


The capital of the state is situate in a valley below the Sierra Madre mountains. At the midst it has zocalo where people admire Santo Domingo church. A bit from here we can go to see the Monte Alban where people see the lush green valleys. This place has it’s own beauty in being classy.


The tranquil atmosphere filled with mariachi music. This place is famous for it’s gold and silver mines. One of which is La Valenica the richest silver mine in the world. Next comes San Cayctano,this church is beautifully decorated with silver. This place has underground tunnels which serves to be a very unique network. This rich fat place always welcomes with the beats.


This used to be a village in the past but now serves to be a resort. There’s a Oaxacan beach. Miles of shoreline with not being spoiled. People are happy to do surfing,cycling,rafting. The rooms are made here in a colonial style. Sparkling water with a doze of tranquility. This place is a perfect example of the young breeze.


The capital of Mexico is the most important political ,cultural and educational center. Here is Plaza de la,the metropolitan Cathedral,the national palace and Azter temple. These cemented figures are the major ones to make this place famous.


The most loved place by the tourists as it’s the most developed among the Mayan ruins. People stay here for overnight to travel back to history. The name means ‘’at the mouth of the well of ITZA’’. People come here to escape from the scorching heat.


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