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To travel is to take a journey into your self. The tans will fade but the memories will last forever. From the mountains to beaches,from lush landscape to cosmopolitan city. This place is also known as the “CROSS ROADS OF THE AMERICA”. The steamy point where the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans meet. Panama means ‘’abundance of fish’’ as fishing is majorly celebrated here. The famous point is the panama canal as a historical touch the place where the North and the South America meet. Spring season is the beast match for this vacation.


The unmatched beauty of the world pearls were discovered in the early 1500’s. The white beaches and the thick vegetation is a charming place to enjoy the mystical pearl waves. Contadoa island is most famous one with several resorts buzzing with activities.


The beautiful trail with green location alongside. This trail is the most beautiful in Eerro Punto. This damp location cherishes the eyes with creamy delight. This trail is quite uphill and stretches for more than 5 miles. The peaceful location waters the quite meadows of the heart.


The heart of Panama connecting islands. The long road with beauty on each side. Many people come here to enjoy the peace and do activities like jogging,riding,bicycle or roller skating. The straight road surrounded by water and coconut trees make your single presence delightful


The sandy shore with a toss of village essence. Spread for miles,tourists come here to jet ski and see the marine life. The second oldest church in the western has it’s roots here. It not only offers a breath taking view but also a Spanish culture.


The home of the Kuna,rich indigenous people. This tribe is very welcoming. This island is surrounded by the ocean which as clear as a mirror. The white shores and the tropical islands delights all with it’s magnificent charm. People also come here to see the rich culture and heritage of the tribes.


The place where people with the thirst of enjoying the marine life comes. This is the largest island in the Central America . The marine life has expanded to 1000 species.This is known as the National Marine Park. The blue gigantic waves and the unmatched corals is like the match made in the heaven.


The white beach which offers surfing and stretched for 8 miles. This beach has very little current and the temperature is always moderate. The coconut shacks are here in thousands. This hidden beauty lies along the Gulf Of Chiriqui.


The gift of Christopher Columbus in 1502. This place is a complete delight to the scuba divers who come here to see the magical corals and the dynamic marine. The lush rain forest and the shoreline are the major attention seekers here.


The best gift of science to the nature till date is this 48 mile artificial waterway that connect Atlantic and the Pacific ocean. This connects to 160 countries and 1700 parts around the world. It forever changed the outlook of maritime landscape. People step here in cruises in which the parts of the Central America are the most exotic ones.


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