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TopTreks in West Bengal

West Bengal is a state in the Eastern part of India, between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal. The capital, Calcutta retains architectural and cultural remnants of its past as a part of East India Company. Colonial buildings can be seen in every part of the state. The state is also famous for its sweet treats, most popular among which is ”Rossogolla”. Apart from that, West Bengal h does have some trekking opportunities for the adventurous.

The Goechala trek

The Goechala trek is one that is particularly popular. It takes you for an up, close and personal experience of the Kanchunjunga, albeit from a distance. The kunchenjunga is one of the highest mountains of the Himalayas surrounded by other majestic but lesser known peaks. The trail leading up to Goechala goes through high mountain passes, lush meadows and there are many hilly views to enjoy along the way. This is one of the best place of West Bengal.
The 10 day trekking tour of Tholung takes you through a picturesque locality filled with beautiful valleys, tea estates, mountain peaks and much more. You will pass through the villages of Lingza, Tholung Gompa, upper Tholung, Changey and singhik on the way.. There are packages available from Calcutta that include accommodation, food and transport.

The sandakphu peak

The sandakphu peak is known in the local region for its long trekking distance which is about 22 kms. The distance might sound intimidating, but the trek itself is moderately challenging. Sandakphu is also famous for being the highest point in West Bengal, which makes it interesting for enthusiasts like us. At a height of over 3600m it has the best panoramic views of the Mt Everest. Even the Kanchenjunga is visible from the pinnacle. It’s 5 day excursions that will start from Darjeeling and get you acquainted with the Himalayas. You will also get ample opportunities to witness Himalayas set in Nepal and Tibet. This is one of the best place of West Bengal.

The Buxa trek

The Buxa trek to jayanti jungle is the best way to get back to the wilderness. Buxa tiger reserve is the only one of its kind in all of Kanchenjunga circuit. The most attractive quality of this trek are the impeccable camping destinations, a whole bunch of them. The expedition begins at Sealdah and progresses tohrough the Mahakal caves, buxa duar fort, rydak river, Jayanti and pokri pahar to finaly culminate at the high watch tower. This is one of the best place of West Bengal.
Apparently, most treks either commence in WB and culminate in a different state or commence in a different state and culminate in WB. This may be attributed to the limited presence of the Himalayas in the region as compared to, say, Sikkim. Nevertheless, trekking opportunities are not scarce and enthusiasts like us will be left satisfied when the metaphorical dust settles.

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