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Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is the largest city of Germany. In addition, this is the second most populous city in Europe. This city is located on the banks of rivers Spree and Havel. Around one third area of this city is covered with forests, parks, gardens, rives and lakes. This is considered as world city of culture, politics, media and science. The economy of this city is based upon creative industries, research facilities, media corporations, research facilities and convention venues. There are many significant industries also like IT, Pharmaceuticals, bio medical engineering, clean tech, bio technology, construction and electronics.

Berlin Wall is one of the famous centre of attraction in Berlin, Germany. This was used as a barrier to divide Berlin and has the stretch of 155km. this barrier also includes guard towers that are constructed with concrete walls. This wall has been used as a site for many movies and documentaries, like the Tunnel, the Road to the Wall and some others.

Museum Island is another amazing place to visit while traveling to Berlin. This museum is also designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is an island of Spree river. This museum has Lustgarten Park and Berlin Cathedral. To the south of this museum lies former Stadschloss and Palace of the Republic. This island is also referred in the song “on the museum island” by Emmy the Great.  The southern section of this museum is named as Fisher Island.

Topography of Terror is another well known monument of Berlin. This is an outdoor indoor military museum. The first exhibition in this monument was held in 1987 on 750th anniversary of Berlin. This was the cellar of Gestapo headquarters, where many prisoners were tortured and excavated. Later, this monument became memorial museum in open air but it is shadowed by a canopy that has the detailing of torture of Nazis. This building also has reflections of former Nazi forced labour camp and today it is protected as a historical monument. One of the permanent exhibitions, Building Blocks gives information about history of such camps.

Allied to these, you can also visit Berlin Zoological Garden. This is a zoo opened in 1844 and has around 20,365 animals of 1,504 species. In this zoo, you can find the most comprehensive species of world. This is the most popular and the most visited zoo in world. Some worldly known animals like Knut, polar bear, Bao Bao and giant panda are also found here. This zoo also promotes European breeding programs that helps in safeguarding endangered species.

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Other than these, you can also visit Reichstag building, checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery, Berlin Cathedral, Neues Museum, Potsdamer Platz, Bode Museum, DDR Museum, Tiergarten, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and many others.

As far as the best time to visit Berlin is concerned, the best time is from May to September as during this time the weather is pleasant and you can enjoy café sitting, lush green beauty of parks and other activities comfortably.

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