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Travelling with Elderly Parents in a Train

It is hard enough for you to travel alone in a train, especially on long journeys. But when you have elderly parents with you, then it becomes even more difficult. This is of course, not fault of the elderly parents . They understandably will have some extra needs when compared to younger people. So, if you have ever faced difficulty while travelling on a long train journey with elderly parents, then this article will help you out.

Let us see what we can do to help in travelling with elderly parents on long train journeys –

Carry the Right Medications

Elderly parents will have medical needs. They may need to take tablets or injections on a daily basis. This means that when they are in a long train journey, they will need those tablets or injections. You need to set remainders to carry these medications and even have backups for them in case they get lost in some luggage issues etc.

Elderly parents may start to feel uncomfortable both in mind and body when they do not get their medications on time.

In case, in areas where you live, if the trains do not allow certain medications on board, you will need to get a doctor’s prescription so that you will get an exemption.

Getting the Right Food

Unlike young people, elderly parents cannot eat anything and everything and get away with it. They need certain very specific foods. They cannot eat too much oil.They cannot have large amount of fatty foods.Some may not be able to eat sweets because of diabetes, some may have developed allergic reactions to certain foods. These are all accommodations that need to be thought about and hence you will need to make plans beforehand.

The best thing to do is to make a list of food items that are safe to be consumed by your elderly parents. Then reduce the list to include only those food items which are easily portable on to a train. These should be some of the foods you carry on to the train so that your elderly parents do not have a problem with food on the train. You may also use a train food service to get the right kind for you elderly parents.

Planning the Bathroom Breaks

Elderly parents may have the need to use the bathroom more than young people. These bathroom breaks need to be planned out. You can maybe plan to help your parents go to the bathroom within a train every few hours so that they do not have an accident on the train.

This may seem like a simple thing, but it is usually one of the most common problems elderly people face in a long train journey.

Making a Note of Emergency Numbers

Elderly people may have certain health conditions that need addressing. Health afflictions may become a reality at any point of time and this is bad if you are not well prepared.

You always need to keep a list of the most important emergency numbers for different health conditions. A quick online search or a talk with the train officials should be enough to give you these details.

Also, it may not be wise to always just rely on emergency services. At times, they may be late to arrive on the scene. Therefore, it makes sense to have some quick response skills yourselves.

Therefore, you just learnt some good tips on how to  travel with elderly parents on a long train journey. So, the next time you need to travel, do not worry, be confident!

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