Travel guide ideas while traveling to Ankor Wat

Angkor Wat tourism

Angkor Wat tourism is heavily growing each year. More and more people are visiting Angkor Wat for experiencing the sunshine of this place. There has always been something extra captivating about Cambodia. Each tourist destination has ample of things that would make your tour a memorable one. No matter whether you vest it during the summers or winters, Angkor Wat tourism will always give you an embracing welcome.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Ankor Wat Trip.

travel guide on Ankor Wat Trip

Food and Festival

Angkor Wat has fine food and wonderful local culinary spots that are amazingly beautiful. Usually people like to visit Angkor Wat during the end or staring months of the year because the New Year celebrations are at their zenith this time. The middle season of the year also witnesses ample tourists to Angkor Wat.


The December begins up with New Year preparations in Cambodia. Ultimately, The people of the country indulge themselves in night long parties. You shall get to see light deck and various spots which have giant Christmas trees standings. The decorated Christmas tree shall fill up your heart with zeal and happiness. It will elongate your overall fun of tourism as you would get to see happy and celebrating people all over the place.

In order to plan a vacation during the months of December and Jan, you need to book the hotels and flight quite a long before.

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Few places you would like to visit here:




  • Angkor wat temple –

It is referred as the biggest Asian pyramid. It is Famous for various battles such as the Battle of Kurukshetra, Battle of Lanka

  • Elephant terrace –

It is among the busiest sites. It has a 1000 foot terrace comprising of elephants.

  • Preah Khan –

Largest site in the complex of Angkor temple. Earlier it was a Buddhist university and a palace of Yasovarman II

  • Srah Srang –

It is a swimming spot for the local children, this place is known as ‘The Royal Baths’.

  • Bayon –

Jayavarman vii built this temple. It comprises of 54 towers and also 216 faces of Avalokiteshvara. However, You should visit this place after sunrise at this time the temple looks guide on Ankor Wat Trip

  • Ta Prohm –

It was built in the Bayon style and known as Rajavihara. The surroundings of this temple are covered with forests. It is one of the prominent and most visited complexes in Angkor region.

The best hotels of Angkor wat provide you with unsurpassable deals that are surely going to mesmerize you. Palm Village, Resort & Spa, Pavillon Indochine, Natura Resort and Hôtel Sofitel Angkor are the best to provide comfort on family trips. The natural beauty and the local markets instill a sense of serenity within the visitors.

Angkor Wat is truly unrivaled. Banteay Kdei, Neak Pean, Banteay Srei, Phimeanakas, Pre Rup are truly magnificent and mighty. The true sense of luxury surpassingly impresses the visitors dramatically. The myriad of perfection and epitome of beauty Ankor Wat is a place of true spirituality. The entry and exit of Ankor Wat can be accessed specifically from its west gate. It is enlisted amongst the Seven Wonders of the World which again forms a major reason for tourist attraction.we will provide travel guide on Ankor wat Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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