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It is not by fortuity that Cambodia has become greatly popular among travelers, whether they are seeking lush jungles spotted with dusty and grayish temple ruins, beautiful beaches with an air of luxury, boutique hotels, exciting nouvelle cuisine, or ethical shopping, among various other colorful options. Its amply rich—some may say moneyed—history has peeled away to reveal the praiseworthy dynamic, artistic ability of its people to pull through and launch into new beginnings, bringing Cambodia to the world stage as a destination that stands on its unique cultural identity.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Cambodia Trip.

travel guide on Cambodia Trip

Cambodia is a place which will always surprises you. The past several years’ tourism has grown and continues to grow tremendously as word spreads of this country’s astonishing beauty, friendly people, and huge list of sites to see. There are many things to be seen in Cambodia. Here are some travel tour ideas that shall let you know the sites you should not miss.

Angkor National Museum

Keep one of the beautiful beach town, is a nice place to relax near the ocean without the party atmosphere. Meanwhile Angkor National Museum one of the modern museum, gracefully guides you through the rise and fall of the Angkorian Empires. It plunges you into the serene spirituality that still dominates the region. The French built Bokor hill Station as a retreat from the heat and humidity of the coast. It is now a collection of ruins, but it is worth visiting for the spectacular sea guide on Cambodia Trip.

The traveler’s first glimpse of Angkor Wat, is the ultimate expression of Khmer genius. Simply unique, it is a stunning mix of spirituality and isotropy, an enduring example of humanity’s devotion to its gods. Within the Royal Palace compound is the extravagant Silver Pagoda, covered with five tons of gleaming silver. This is one of the few places in Cambodia where bejeweled objects embodying some of the brilliance and richness of Khmer civilization can still be seen.



One of the best adventures of all in Cambodia is exploring the mountain rain forest. However, If you wish to experience, the real art of survival this cannot be passed up.  Visit Bogota the capital city of Colombia. An Extensive network of districts forms it. Over here, you will find the restaurants, which features international food. Ask the locals for to serve you their favorite food and you will love it. Aside from the food, Bogota has a number of other things to do for you like sports. Soccer one of the sports is very popular here.


The Beaches of Cartagena is on the northern coast where you can experience the Caribbean Sea. Although, It is one of the most popular beaches in the world. Many people come here to visit just the beaches, but that is not the only thing. There is also a Museum, which shows ancient torture devices. Do not miss to visit or explore national parks, as they are a part of the Cambodia. However, You could find different types of animal and birds. We will provide travel guide on Cambodia Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.


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