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Rajasthan is another world within that huge and amazing country called India. It has some of the most attractive and photogenic cities in the country. As well as deserts that seem eternal and an idiosyncrasy of its own that makes this state something peculiar. In this article, we will provide the complete travel guide India.

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The city Jaipur is often used as a getaway to Rajasthan and is one of the first steps usually taken by travelers visiting India for the first time. And, without a doubt, it is a good start because Jaipur has a bit of everything.

The pink city is popularly known for its building colors. It falls from corner to corner as long as it overcomes the chaotic effect that some travelers.

The name of “pink city” that always accompanies to the capital of Rajastha. In fact, it is from the early twentieth century, specifically from 1905 when the Prince of Wales had then visited the city.

In order to give an unforgettable reception to such an outstanding guest. The Maharaja Ram Singh ordered that the main building of the historic center were painted pink salmon. Which for the Rajasthan citizens represented fortune and cordiality. And since then Jaipur became inseparable from this color that comes to define the city.Travel Guide.

Hawa Mahal:

If you are in Jaipur, you should visit The Palace of the Winds or The Palace of the Windows. The front of the Hawa Mahal wth about thousand small windows was born as an extravagant need to extend the palace harem in 17799 by the Sawai Pratap Singh who commissioned the design to Lal Chand Usta. In this way, the many women of the Maharajah could watch the street without being seen.

Architecturally and religiously it represents the crest of a peacock, something that also has to do with their iconography of Krishna, but for the world, it is a pill to dream with the thousand and one nights.Travel Guide.


Between Jantar Mantar and the front of the Hawa Mahal is the one that was (and is) the Maharaja’s Palace. You can go through different pavilions and see the extravagances of various Rajput rules as who to travel to London to visit the Queen took with them the largest silver urns known to transport water from the Ganges River.

Amber Fort:

Another important tourist point is Amber Fort. This is India of the palaces, of the large and sumptuous fortresses. It is a palace to be lost by alleys or stays and to spend at least a whole morning.

Amber really is a wonder, which should also be combined with the Jaigarth Fort, slightly reminiscent of Agra Fort, and has a huge cannon with a Guinness record of being the largest in the world.Travel Guide.

If you like monkeys, you should go to Galta Temple, better known as the Monkey Temple. On a hill rises a small temple in which hundreds of monkeys are worshiped. They are sacred in this place because they are considered to be Hanuman (God Monkey). It is certainly a surprising place that attracts attention and with which to perfectly round out a trip to Jaipur

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