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Singapore is often identified with many things such as skyscrapers, crowded streets, temples of different religions, fashionable pubs and nightclubs, branded shops, food centers, the very popular Merlion Park and the night lights of Theatres of the Bay. Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Singapore Trip.

They are more or less the hallmarks of a great city but nobody or very few people remember that the island of Singapore was until a century ago an island covered with vegetation proper of humid tropical climates. A full-blown forest with an outstanding variety of flora and fauna.

travel guide on Singapore Trip .

Still, there is a part of all this in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, in the Malay language means “Tin Hill”, represents the last warrior that inhabits the island of Singapore for millions and millions of years. And that trip to the jungle is still possible.


Not too well known for tourist, but yes for Singaporeans who want to escape the stress and smell of asphalt. Only 10 kilometers away from the bustle lies peace. Silence is disturbed by the screams of the monkeys and the fluttering of birds and insects hiding from the sun.

Nature Interpretation Center

Tat the entrance o the reserve there is a wooden hut that functions as a Nature Interpretation Center where there is information about Bukit Timah such as its history, animal species present and extinct, the most typical flora as well as maps with all roads by which you can transit.

The reserve has 840 species of plants. The largest trees are incredible, whose cover the sky trying to get sunlight. And which is born other types of vegetation that definitively close on an own universe where every millimeter is full of life. Travel guide on Singapore Trip.

It is advisable to go inappropriate clothing like pants that cover the legs. Beacause of the presence of mosquitoes. Which is very obvious by the natural humidity of the place. And do not forget to carry or use a mosquito repellent.

Orchard Road to Singapore:

Now, let’s go to the city. What Fifth Avenue to New York that is what is Orchard Road to Singapore, the main shopping avenue, a continuous line of shopping malls, boutiques and 5 Star hotels because there is Armani, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, Dior, Laurent, Valentino, Chanel, Louis Vitton, Rolex, Prada, etc.

One of Singapore’s best-known neighborhoods is Chinatown. It is like a trip to the Chinese Republic but without moving from Singapore.

In Singapore about 80% of the population is Chinese. The rest is divided into Indians, Malay and small proportion of Westerners. That is why the Chinese district of the city cannot simply be one guide on Singapore Trip.

In fact, it happens to be a place that beats with a heart of its own. In which the dragons seem to flutter and where Emperors of ancient dynasties have their imprint of one form or another. To enter Chinatown is to do to China but without passport or visa.

we will provide travel guide on Singapore Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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