Travel Guide Ideas While Travelling to Thailand

 Have you ever dreamed of picking up your backpack and going to Thailand? Do you want to know those paradise beaches, those cities full of temples? more and more people who visit this Asian destination for its exotics places. Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Thailand Trip .

Thailand has many beautiful cities like Ayutthaya. The historic city of Ayutthaya has become one of the top tourist destinations of any trip to Thailand. The ruins of the ancient capital of the kingdom are now the historical park of Ayutthaya, which was recognized as a world heritage by Unesco in 1991.

travel guide on Thailand Trip.

With a unique and decadent history, once a major center of diplomacy and world trade, Ayutthaya is now an archaeological ruin, characterized by the remains of large Prang and Buddhist monasteries of monumental proportions that give an idea of the size of the city and the splendor of its architecture. Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Thailand Trip

Travelling to Thailand

What remains of the ancient temples and palaces is now the place of visit for travelers who love history. Take a walk through breathtaking Ayutthaya ruins. whether by bike or tuk-tuk, is the best way to experience the past of this ancient kingdom and enjoy its beauty.

Wat Mahathat Temple Thailand

 The Tourists who visits Thailand photographed this temple. This temple is most famous beacause of Buddha’s head caught between the roots of a tree is sufficient reason.

Maya Bay Beach, Thailand

If you want to visit beaches, one of the most famous in Thailand is located on Koh Phi Phi Island and is called Maya Bay Beach. Leonardo DiCaprio also choose this island in the  year 2000 for his film “The Beach”.

Here, the color of the water is turquoise, hypnotic, and the sand completely white. Behind the beach no resorts like in other places, but vegetation. The whole is spectacular and you can spend an entire hour contemplating it. That looks like paradise, but surely each of the travelers has their own personal paradise in the world.

Exploring the seabed is a fascinating activity simple fact of putting on a pair of diving glasses and looking at what is under reveals a whole new world of colors and unknown ways of life. But that world has to be taken care of and respected, so if you plan to snorkel in Koh Phi Phi Island you must learn what it is to do responsive diving.

The monsoon theme may bother whoever starts planning any trip through Southeast Asia. The rains in Thailand can make a trip quite difficult but the truth is that it is only annoying when you are in a beach destination because the tourist wants to enjoy the sun.

The best time to travel to Thailand are the months of January, February, March, early April, all November, and December. Thailand is a tropical country with temperatures between 24 and 37 degrees Celsius from March to October and between 17 and 28 from November to February and sometimes, in February the temperature increases.

Thailand is a wonderful country; the friendly door to Asia exoticism, If you want to more then connected with travel guide idea Articles.

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