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Places to visit in Nice

Nice is the city of France and is the fifth most populous city in the country. Also, it is the second largest city of France on Mediterranean Coast. The nick name of this city is “Nice la Belle” which is also the unofficial national anthem of nice. This city has rich natural beauty and has mild climate. Further, this city has second largest hotels capacity in France and around four million visitors visit this city annually. After Paris, this is the second most popular tourist destination in France.


One such center of attraction in Nice is French Riviera. This is the coastline on the south eastern part of France. It was after World War II that this place became the tourist destination and a convention site. Here, you can also find some high technology and science parks with technology centers. The French Riviera is a yachting and cruising area and around nine percent of yachts cross from here at least once in their lifetime. You can also enjoy skiing and golf here because there are 18 golf courses and 14 ski resorts.

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Nice Cathedral is also a sight to visit while traveling to Nice. This cathedral was completed in 1699 and is dedicated to Assumption of the Virgin Mary and saint Reparata. Other than church, it is also a historical monument. The exterior of this church is built on the basis of Rome architecture and is built in Baroque style. In this church, there are ten chapels dedicated to different holy personalities. The picture of Virgin Mary and Saint Reparata is there on the high altar that is enshrined there since 1690.

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The best archeological site that you can enjoy while visiting to Nice is Terra Amata. This site is located on the Mount Boron and was discovered in 1966. This also contains some traces of domestic life of earlier years and now, it also has a museum of prehistoric nice, were you can see the prehistoric items discovered. In every hut of this place, there is fireplace that makes the evidence of fire used by earlier people. Some tools have also been discovered from the site that states that tools were also used by people in that time.

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If you are interested in astronomy, Nice Observatory is the best place for you to visit. This observatory was founded in 1879 and is the largest privately owned observatory. Here, you can enjoy the records of largest refracting telescopes and it has also been featured in many movies.

Another monument to visit while traveling to Nice is Monuments aux Morts. This monument was established in the memory of people who lose their lives in World War I. as the sculptures of this monument represents great feeling of grief and huge loss, it has the display of allegories of weeping women, sorrowful widows, mothers and children. Though saddening, but the architecture is quite beautiful indeed.

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You can visit Nice in the months of September to October or from March t April as during this time, the weather is also mild and you can have the hotel rooms at affordable price.

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