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Travel guide ideas while traveling to Cologne

Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. This city is located on both sides of Rhine River. This city is famous due to its Cologne Cathedral that is the seat of catholic Archbishop of Cologne. The University of Cologne is the oldest and largest university of Europe. This city was established in first century. This city has so many museums that manifest art and architecture of the history of this city. There are many orchestras also in this city. In this city, the large annual literary festival is also held that features many regional as well as international authors. The Noble Prize Winner for literature, Heinrich Boll was also from Cologne. This city is very well known for its beer known as Kolsch and for Water of Cologne, which is a perfume created in 18th century.Today we will provide the complete travel guide on Cologne Trip.

travel guide on Cologne Trip

Museum Ludwig is one of the popular museums of cologne. This museum was established in 1976 and features the collection of modern art. Here, you will find works of Pop Art, abstract and Surrealism. Moreover, you will also find the largest collections of Picasso in this museum. It has the works of Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Some best art pieces that this museum contain are coupe Sombre, Green Scent, bildnis des, Bildnis Frau, Food Shop, Woman with a purse, Untitled, Figure Falling, Night of Nights, The Portable war, Shadow line, The street, White Shirt with Blue tie, The last of idols  and woman washing her feet in a sink  and many guide on Cologne Trip.

Other than museums, you can also enjoy the Cologne Cable Car. This is a gondola lift that stretches across Rhine River and bridges the two banks of Rhine River. This cable car is open everyday from April to October and has 50 cabins with the total capacity of carrying two thousand persons in an hour. The overall length of this cable car is 935 meters. Further, this cable car is considered as the best and safest means of transport in Cologne city.

Another outstanding site to visit while traveling to cologne is Fragrance Museum. This museum was established in 1709 and is the oldest fragrance factory. You can here peep into methods used to make perfumes with detailing at various stages. You will here also get to know about history through pictures and documents.

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Apart from these, one should not miss other places like kolumba, Shrine of the three kings, Schnutgen museum, and cologne city hall, St. Maria im Kapitol, Koelnmesse, Basilica of St. Severin, St, Andrew Church, Kathe Kollwitz Museum and St. Agnes Cologne. Furthermore, you can also visit Skulpturen Park, Hohenzollern Bridge, Odysseum, Koln Triangle, Rheinpark, roman Praetorium, Alter Markt, and many more.

The best season and time to visit Cologne City is from July to august as during these months, summer season goes on and the weather is warm and pleasant with a little humidity. In addition, September to November are best months for sight seeing.we will provide travel guide on Cologne Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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