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Belgium is the state in Western Europe. France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and North Sea border this state. There are three main languages that are spoken in this state, Dutch, French and German. This state has great contribution in paintings and architecture. The main examples of this paintings and architecture are the Mosan art, The Early Netherlandish, The Flemish Renaissance and Baroque paintings.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Belgium Trip.

Belgium Trip

Dinant is the city of Belgium that is located on the bank of river Meuse in Namur province. The major center of attraction of this city are The Caves of Han and Grotto of Dinant. These are Europe’s largest and most beautiful in a Wildlife Reserve. The access to this sanctuary can only be done after an appointment.Belgium Trip.

Another place to visit in Belgium is Leuvan. This is considered as oldest Catholic University in world. Here, you can also find many historical sights like the Belfry and the Grand Beguinage. If you want to explore ancient culture and history of country, Tournai community is best suited for you. This city is adjacent to France. Here, you can also explore culture and history of more than two thousand years. It has the most beautiful churches in the world.Belgium Trip.

Mechelen is another vibrant town where you can visit. This town is the best place to visit in Belgium. Here, you will explore many things, ranging from Beguinage Brewery to river boat tours and Flanders locale. You can also go to Carillon school, where students from all over world to get better education.

If you are fond of hiking, biking and camping, then you must go to Ardennes in Belgium. At this place, you will get an opportunity to visit rugged hills of Ardennes, dense forests, caves and some cliffs. The fauna of this place includes wild boar, deer and lynx. You will here also get to see amazing beauty of caves of Han Sur Lesse, the Castle of Bouillon and the modern Labyrinth.Belgium Trip.

To satisfy the cravings about history of this state, you can visit Ghent city of Belgium. This is known as city of history. You will get a reflection of a medieval state after viewing architecture of churches and some houses of rich people.

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and is popular due to so many different sites and the places of interest. Because many institutes have their headquarters situated in this city, it is also named as European Union. You will find terrace cafes and pubs f this area very interesting especially Gothic Town Hall. You can here do as much shopping as you want and can spend leisure time in a glass roof arcade that has shops, cafes and theaters.

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Antwerpen is known as creative city of Belgium and it is also the diamond capital of world. In this city, you will also get to see Antwerp Fashion Museum. This museum depicts the tale of journey of European emigrants to a living a new life in America.Belgium Trip.

To visit Belgium, July and August are best months as the weather is very pleasant during this time.

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