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Travel guide ideas while traveling to Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the city located in south eastern side of France and is the port city. This city is also the centre of Bordeaux Metropole and has fifth largest area in France. In addition, this city is also the world’s major wine capital and world’s major wine fair is held in this city, known as Vinexpo. The historic sites of this city are recognized in World Heritage List by UNESCO as “an outstanding urban and architectural ensembles” of 18th century. This is the second city of France, after Paris in preserving historical monuments.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Bordeaux Trip.

travel guide on Bordeaux Trip

The very first place where you must visit is Place de la Bourse. It is one of the most beautiful monuments in Bordeaux and was built in 1775. in 1889, “Three Graces” were also installed near this very monument. The architecture of this building was made by Ange Jacques Gabriel and it was his son who completed the construction of this monument.

Bordeaux Cathedral is also popular site to visit while traveling in Bordeaux. This is a Roman Catholic Church and it is also the national monument of France. You will also find a separate bell tower, known as Tour Pey Berland. Further, this monument also has many hotels where you can guide on Bordeaux Trip.

For nature lovers, Garonne is the lake with stunning beauty where you must visit.  This river is located in south west part of France and in northern part of Spain. This river has the spread of 602 km and it flows into Atlantic Ocean. Other than its beauty, it also plays a crucial role in inland shipping and sea going vessels reaches its destination via this river. There are many tributaries of this river. Some of them are Pique, Ourse, Neste, Salat, Volp, Arize, Touch, Save, Gers and Dropt.

For kids, Parc Bordelais is another best place to visit while traveling to Bordeaux. This is the park built in 19th century, has the area of 28 hectare, and has more than 3000 trees planted in this park. This site is best for children because it has many centers of attractions like animals of local breeds, swans, ducks, small train, electric cars, rides, thrilling swings and games with a puppet theatre also.

Another site to visit in Bordeaux is Monument aux Girondins. This is a historical monument with water fountain. This monument was constructed in the memory of revolutionaries of Girondin.

Water mirror in Bordeaux is another centre of attraction for many tourists as it the largest reflecting pool in the world. This pool was built in 2006 and has granite slab that are covered by water of 2 cm and this creates fog during summer season.

As Bordeaux is famous for wine production, the best time to visit here will be from April to October. This will be the best season as the weather is very hot here and winters are wet and mild. Therefore, this duration will be best to explore this beautiful city of France.we will provide travel guide on Bordeaux Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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