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Travel Guide Ideas while traveling to Bruges

Bruges is the city located in West Flanders, Belgium. It is located in Northwest of the country. The historic city centre is a famous world heritage site of UNESCO. This city is well known for the conservation of medieval architecture and is known as most well preserve medieval towns in Europe. This city is very famous for its picturesque medieval buildings, Venice like canals and chocolate, lace and fries.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Bruges Trip.

travel guide on Bruges Trip.

There are ample sightings available here to visit. One such site is The Church of Our Lady and it is also one of highest brick towers in world. Further, there is also a sculpture made by Michelangelo and this sculpture of Madonna and Child is the only sculpture that is left within the lifetime of Michelangelo.

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Another place to visit in Bruges is Belfry of Burges, which is a medieval bell tower. This tower is commonly used to spot any spotting fire and any other threat. This tower has a narrow and step staircase that has 366 steps. You can visit this tower after entry fee. In the side and back of this monument, you will find a market hall with an inner courtyard. This tower is also known as Halletoren (tower of halls).travel guide on Bruges Trip.

In Bruges, do not forget to visit Chocolate Museum. This museum will inform you about the history of evolution of chocolates. For children, there is also a fun chocolate search game. In this museum, you will find hand made chocolate and are then kept in premises. With this museum, you can also visit a thematic choco jungle bar, which is only at the walking distance of five minutes from this chocolate guide on Bruges Trip.

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You will also get a chance to visit Minne water park in Bruges. If you are going with your life partner, this is the best place to visit. This park is located near the Lake of Love. It is not a huge area, but still you can enjoy sitting on bench and can stand on Lover’s Bridge and can admire the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Either you are going there on train or in coach, but this is the must visit place in Bruges.

Beguinage is another fascinating place to visit in Bruges. This place has one or more courtyard that is surrounded by houses, church, infirmary complex and communal houses also. This place is the house of lay women who live a celibate life and refuses to marry. The houses of this destination are white in guide on Bruges Trip.

Here, you can also visit Bruges Torture Museum. In this museum, you can witness the cruel instruments that were used to torture prisoners. These instruments were so dangerous that it caused wounds not only on body, but on mind of prisoners also.

The best time to travel Bruges is in autumn and spring as during this time, one can get fewer crowds, cheap rates of hotels and the weather will be mild. You can visit here by airplanes and can come at your destination in the train.


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