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Travel Guide Ideas While Travelling to Portugal

There are many reasons that inspire travel to Madeira. It is the heart of a Macaronesian archipelago cousin-brother of the fortunate Canaries. A green drop drifting in the Atlantic where proudly files and for almost six centuries the Portuguese flag. Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Portugal Trip.

travel guide on Portugal Trip


Madeira is a collage of landscapes that in just minutes make you stroll along the beach to watch the Ocean from the verticality of a clip to penetrate by a cloud forest flooded by Laurisilva (and protected by UNESCO as world heritage), wet with water from large waterfalls and reach pinnacles of volcanic stone emerging in the sea at the other end of the island.

If you are one of those who likes to go walking on trails of pure nature you must know that Madeira is one of the best options to do it, very typical routes which are watercourse that transfer water to points of the island where it does not rain so much and that form a network of more than 2500 kilometers. If you like trekking you will discover beautiful guide on Portugal Trip.

Caldeiao Verde:

 Caldeião Verde, which starts in the Forest das Queimadas Park, with fairytale houses that are the best trail with good views and waterfalls. You can do the whole in six hours or a small part of an hour going back and forth until one of the main waterfalls of the route.

No doubt, the gastronomy is a key when deciding for a getaway is a strong point of Madeira. The product is excellent and fresh both sea, land and the island is rapidly postulated as a destination for gourmets who are looking for sometimes the simplicity of taking a good fish by the sea or of the most innovative dishes overlooking the port of Funchal.

 it is worth to say that Madeira makes up for it with a wonderful collection of natural pools of authentic postcard in the north of the island, especially in Porto Moniz, taking advantage of the volcanic formations and where you can submerge in the stillness of turquoise waters which  are all a gift for the senses.

Attributes of the location:

From the port of Funchal tourists leave to enjoy another facet of Madeira related to the presence of marine fauna on its shores. It is enough to get away a little just a few minutes, to go hand in hand with dolphins or whales, whose presence is quite remarkable at this point in the Atlantic Ocean.

Funchal has a delightful historical center and many monuments remain of the first centuries in which it was inhabited (from the fifteenth century), mainly religious and military. For example next to the port is the Fort of Santiago, recognizable by its walls and yellows towers, is one of the best preserves vestiges of quality.

Now you do not have excuses to travel to Madeira.we will provide travel guide on Portugal Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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