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Places to visit in Saint Martin

Saint Martin is the Dutch island located in Caribbean. The nick name of this island is “The Friendly Island”. This is the smallest island located between two nations and it divides the nations since 1648. This island is very well known for its beaches, night life, jewelry and drinks made with native guava berry liquors and casinos. On the French side, you can get amazing nude beaches, clothes, shopping and French as well as Indian Caribbean cuisines. The language spoken in this island is English with some influence of local dialect.

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In order to enjoy shopping, beaches, casinos, walking and snorkeling, Philipsburg is the best place to visit. This is the main town and capital city of Saint Martin. This beautiful city is located between Great Bay and Great salt Pond. This is the main shopping district. Here, you can enjoy the visit of cruise liners and ships like Oasis of the Seas.

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Marigot is another city of Saint Martin where you must visit. This is a fishing village and was also the capita during reign of King Louis XVI. The center of attraction in this city is the fort built by St. Louis near Marigot Bay. Here, you can enjoy shopping, marines, markets and snorkeling.

Simpson Bay lagoon is another serene sight to visit while traveling to Saint Martin. This lagoon also has protected waters that include sea grass and mangrove forests. Further, you can here also explore Mullet Pond that contains a radical part of red Mangroves Rhizphora mangle.

Pic Du Paradis is the highest point in the island and has two viewing areas from where you can enjoy the outstanding beauty of nature. Here, you can travel via four wheeler and if you are in love with your own company, you can enjoy the isolated area and it is also the safest part of this island.

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For those who love water sports and snorkeling, you can enjoy it on beaches of Saint Martin and these beaches are best suited for swimming and sun bathing. However, there are some beaches where there is no objection on nudity, the Club Orient Beach on the French side is one such beach where topless sunbathing of women is not an issue.

One of the nicest beaches on this island is Mullet Bay. This beach is near to Maho Bay and here; you can enjoy food and drinks by vendors and can also enjoy water sports and parasailing.

As far as the clothing on this island is concerned, you must pack light weight and light colored clothes made up of natural fabric. You can get linen shorts and cotton t-shirts. As there are enormous number of beaches on this island, do not forget to carry at least two swimsuits with you. In addition, you should also pack clothes according to chilly weather at night and rains in afternoon. You can visit Saint Martin any time between May and June or between November and December. Also, do not forget to look for discounts available at hotels before traveling.

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