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Places to visit in US Virgin Islands

United States Virgin Islands is the group of islands located in Caribbean and some main islands of this group are Saint Croix, Saint John and Saint Thomas. The capital of these islands is Charlotte Amalie, in Saint Thomas. The culture of these islands is very much influenced by West Africa, Europe and America. Strongly, Dutch culture has major portion in shaping the culture of US Virgin Islands.

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Saint Thomas Island is one of the best islands to visit while traveling to US Virgin Islands. There are many places where you can visit like Blackbeard Castle, Buck National wildlife, Fort Christian, Agnes Bay, Coral World Ocean Park and many more. Coral World Ocean Park is the center of attraction in Saint Thomas. Here, you will find open water and has many marine gardens that has 21 small tanks in which ocean life is displayed. Moreover, you can here also enjoy the Under Water Observatory Tower that has depth of 20 feet in ocean and you can observe natural ocean life.

To enjoy snorkeling, beaches, sailing, honeymoon and kayaking, do not forget to visit Saint John. The nick name of this island is “Love City”. There are many places where you can visit. Some such places are Hawksnest Beach, Trunk Beach, Honeymoon Beach. Other than these, you can also visit Annaberg Sugar Plantation, which is a historical landmark in US Virgin Islands.

Cruz Bay is also the amazing town to visit in US Virgin Islands. This town is the largest commercial center of Saint John. There are many places in this town where you can visit like The Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center, The Elaine Sprauve Library and some others. Here, you can also enjoy the pleasure of casinos. Furthermore, the beaches of this town have soft white sand and a swimming area.

Twin City is the nickname of another beautiful island in US Virgin Islands, known as Saint Croix. In this island, you can enjoy many centers of attraction like Frederiksted. Here, you can explore the architecture style of Victorian era. In January, you can enjoy the Carnival festival also. Not only this, you can visit salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve that has preserved mangrove forests, estuarine and marine environments that acts as a habitat of threatened and endangered species. For snorkelers, Buck Island Reef National Monument is the best destination.

Apart from these, you can also visit Red Hook, Reef Bay, Sandy Point, Annaberg, Lovango Cay, Frenchtown, Bolongo, Concordia, Cane Bay, Smith Bay Beach, Fish Bay, East End, Mandal, Kingshill, Anna’s Retreat, Leinster Bay, Sunny isle, Shoys, La Grande, Williams Delighjt and Christiansted.

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The best time of the year to visit US Virgin Islands is from April to June as you will experience mild weather and little rainfall. However, most of the crowd is seen from December to March when you can come across breezy days. For packing, do not forget to pack shorts, bathing suits, flip flops, t-shirts, swimsuits, sun glasses and sun screen lotion.

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