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Travel guide ideas while traveling to Yasawa Islands

Yasawa islands are an archipelago that consists of twenty islands, located in Fiji. The total area of these islands is of 135 square km. in order to reach these islands, you can use sea planes from local airlines or you can use charters also. Moreover, helicopter charters are also available here. Tourism has witnessed rapid growth in these islands and one needs permission to travel to all islands except Tavewa. The largest village in Yasawa Island is Nabukeru. If you want to talk of activities to do in these islands, you can enjoy diving, snorkeling, hiking. You can also enjoy kava ceremonies here and guests are invited to join this ceremony.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Yasawa Islands Trip.

travel guide on Yasawa Islands Trip

Eight month Beach is one of the best centers of attraction in Yasawa Island and this astounding beach will offer you clean and beautiful surroundings and you can also enjoy the Blue Lagoon Cruise. This is the place that you can admire even if you are traveling alone and the company of your loved one will add cherry on top. You can here experience Spectacular Ocean, sunsets and deserted beaches.

One of the best islands to visit in Yasawa islands is Kuata. It is the first island in this archipelago. You can visit this island by traveling. In this beautiful island, you can do various activities like reef snorkeling, swimming with reef sharks, sunset fishing, summit walk, Kava ceremonies. The Water Right Off is the beach where you can enjoy snorkeling the most. You can also enjoy diving trips here and Bull shark dive program is also held where you can come across large bull guide on Yasawa Islands Trip.

Another island to visit while traveling to Yasawa Islands is Nacula. It is situated in northern most part of Yasawa Island and consists of most beautiful beaches of world. You can enjoy enormous activities here like snorkeling, hiking, village visits, blue lagoon trips, fishing trips, volleyball and craftwork. You can here enjoy satiating cakes of various flavors and some hot drinks that are made by dwellers of local villages.

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Waya Lailai is another beautiful island in Yasawa. Here, you can use long boats to travel from one island to another and you can enjoy this journey. The flagship of this island is the view that you can have from the top of rocks and you can enjoy the spell bound view of sunset and sunrise. The activities that one can perform here are summit hike at sunset and sunrise, snorkeling, village visit, hand line fishing trips, outer reef snorkeling, beach picnic boat trips, island massage, diving and beach bonfires.

You can visit these stunning places through island hoppers that are best and convenient way to visit there. If you want to travel between islands, you can use sea planes and Yasawa Flyer and a water taxi also. The best time to visit Yasawa islands in Fiji is from October to November as during this time, the parties are held that will anyone who visit there.we will provide travel guide on Yasawa Islands Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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