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Travel guide ideas while traveling to Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands are found in British Overseas Territory in western Caribbean Sea. This place has three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The capital of these islands is George Town. This territory is also known as world’s major offshore financial haven for some rich folks.

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One of the main attractions for tourist in this place is Seven Mile Beach in Grand Canyon Island. It is a coral sand beach on the west of island. This beach ahs also been designated as “The Caribbean’s best Beach” by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. This is the most developed area of Grand Cayman. Here, you can have the stay in luxury hotels and resorts. The facility of snorkeling is also provided here that you can enjoy.

Camana bay is another place to visit while traveling to Cayman Islands. This is the best place for shopping and to enjoy the beach in luxurious manner. It is a waterfront town that provides many facilities like childcare, visitor centre, parking, electric vehicle charging station, recycling, security, ATMs, gathering places, free WiFi, the harbor, sports complex and restroom.

Stingray city is the series of sandbars that can be found in North of Grand Cayman. This is a famous tourist destination where people can interact with aquatic animals. Here, people can interact with stingrays by entering into chest high water in three feet water. Visitors can enjoy many adventurous activities here like snorkeling, jet, skiing, reefing and scuba diving.

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Another outstanding place to visit in Cayman Islands is Starfish Point. This is the beach where you can go by boat or car. You can here touch starfishes and can enjoy with them and is considered best for private walkabout. You can here see enormous number of star fishes walking along a pointy and this is an undeveloped secluded beach. Here, you can use the rope swing from which you can jump into the water. You will definitely be mesmerized by the beauty of palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze and the soft sand of this beach will tickle your feet.

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You can also visit Pirate Caves in Cayman Islands where you can find more than 30 breeds of exotic birds and reptiles and some fresh water turtles also. You can also click many amazing pictures in an authentic old Cayman styled house and can have every precise detail about it. The caves are made up of beautiful natural rock formations.

For those who love snorkeling, there are many snorkeling sights in Cayman Islands like Turtle Reef, Stingray Reef, wreck of the Cali, Smith Cove. For diving, the best places in Cayman Islands are Eden Rock, wreck of the Caile, Turtle Reef, Cementary Beach Reef, Coral Gardens, Stingray City Sandbar, wreck of the Gerneva, Morritt’s Tortuga, Sunset Reef and Half Moon Bay.

The best time of the year to visit Cayman Islands is between March and June as during this time, you can get hotels at an affordable price and the weather is also not much cold.

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