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Travel Guide Ideas While Travelling to Jordan

Jordan is still that haven of peace in the Middle East. It incites us to live unique adventures, to feel like a child again. Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Jordan Trip.

Jordan is part of the Holy Land mentioned in the Bible, transit of Moses and refuge that masterfully pierced Assyrians, Persians, Nabataeans, Greeks and Romans.

travel guide on Jordan Trip

Home of spice merchants that came and went from the farthest reaches of Asia. Last nomadic abode of the Bedouins who made the Arabian Desert, that bank of the Jordan River that fades to down and float in the Dead Sea.

Jordan, with all it has to offer, is one of the most prepared countries for tourism. You do not have a long-stay Visa; it is bought at the same airport or land border for 40 Dinars.

Its developed infrastructure (roads and tourism) means that we need a few hours to go from one place to another. There are so many hotels that its reservations is simple (even at the moment). The jolts that we have are due to emotional reasons to contemplate historical and geological corners of great beauty.

Mout Nebo:

If you are in Jordan, Mount Nebo should be among your itinerary. The Bible tells how Moses reaches the top of Mount Nebo and then God shows him the Promised Land, although he does not allow him to go to the other side. In fact the Holy Scriptures place Mount Nebo as the last dwelling place of the prophet. travel guide on Jordan Trip.

The popular tradition made this mount more than 800 meters high. From here even Jerusalem can be seen on the clear days. A perfect spot to enjoy one of the best sunsets in the country.

Only a dozen kilometres separate Mount Nebo from the old capital of the Kingdom of  Moab. Mahdia today is a must see for visitors and pilgrims in Jordan to admire some of the best Byzantine mosaics in the Middle East, a special one in particular.

And the floor of the Christian-Orthodox Church of St. George retains a gigantic mosaic map that reflects how the Holy Land was back in the Sixth century AD, which should not be too different from the time when the main chapters Narrated in the Gospels in which Jesus of Nazareth appears.

Of course, going to the church of St. George to contemplate the immense map under a dim light of candles is the objective here. The city is quiet and interesting, very close to Amman, Mount Nebo and, of course, the Dead Sea. Usually combined with these in one-day visits. The jewel of the crown is one of the best archaeological complexes in the world to enjoy.  Petra was a Nabataean city with more than two thousand years of history.


To see Petra, it takes at least a full day to get the idea of the place. But much more stages would be necessary to make different routes for those mountains that dawn oranges and stained every morning with rose color.we will provide travel guide on Jordan Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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