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Travel guide idea’s while traveling to Canada

Canada is a country located in North America. It is the world’s second largest country and French and English are official languages of this country. Here, you will find cold and extremely cold climate, whereas in some areas summers are also experienced. Toronto is the largest city of this country and one third of population of this country lives in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. In traditions and culture, this country has impact of Britain and France. Further, Canada is also a well developed media sector. Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Canada Trip.

travel guide on Canada Trip

While visiting to Canada, you must not miss the Rocky Mountains range. This mountain range has the stretch of more than three thousand miles. This mountain range is now protected by forest and public parks and is the most popular tourist destination. Especially for adventure lovers this is the best destination because here they can get an opportunity for hiking, camping, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, skiing and snow guide on Canada Trip.

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Next center of attraction in Canada is Banff National Park. This park is situated in Alberta, Canada. It is the oldest national park in Canada and includes various mountain terrains, glaciers, ice fields, dense coniferous forests and Alpine forests. In this park, do not forget to have a glance at mesmerizing beauty of Bow River Valley. Here are many hotels where you can reside easily and can enjoy the serene beauty of nature.

Canadian Rockies is also a mountain range in Canada where every nature lover would love to visit. It is located in eastern part of Canada. This range consists of many high peaks and ranges like Mount Columbia and Mount Robson. This range is made up of shale and limestone and is protected by national parks. Further, this mountain range in Canada is also designated as World Heritage Site.  The flagship of this mountain range is the beautiful rivers. Fraser, Columbia, North Saskatchewan, Bow and Athabasca River are some of the palpable rivers of this mountain range.

Another amazing site to visit while traveling to Canada is CN Tower. It is the one of the tallest tower and is used for observation, telecommunications and you can also enjoy the meal in the restaurant. This tower is also the part of World Federation of Great Towers.

The height of top floor of this CN Tower is 446.5 m.  To visit this place, more than two million visitors arrive here annually. The word CN refers to Canadian National.

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Some other best places to visit in Canada are Parliament Hill, Stanley Park, Jasper National Park, Niagara Parks, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Butchart Garden, Columbia Icefield, Canada’s Wonderland, Lake Ontario, Toronto Islands, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Notre Dame basilica, Moraine Lake, Royal Ontario Museum and many others. As far as the local cuisine is concerned, you can taste Poutine, ketchup Chips, Maple Syrup, Bacon, Butter Tarts, Beaver Tail, Nanaimo Bars and many more that you must taste.

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The bst time to visit Canada is in September and October. During this time, it is autumn season and you can enjoy many outdoor activities.we will provide travel guide on Canada Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.


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