Travel guide ideas while traveling to Chile


Chile is a country located in South American Continent and has Pacific Ocean at its west. The territory of this country has many islands like Juan Fernandez, Salas y Gomez, Desventuradas and Eastern Island. It also has The Arid Atacama Desert in the North where copper is found in huge quantity. The southern part of this island has forests and grazing lands with some lakes and volcanoes.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Chile Trip.

travel guide on Chile Trip

While visiting it, you should visit San Cristobal Hill, which is a zoo and park. This has the designation of landmark and the original name of this hill is Tupahue. At the peak of this hill, there is a Sanctuary with a statue of Virgin Mary. In the evening, when this statue is lit up with lights, it becomes the center of attraction for visitors. At its foothills, you can also find Chilean National Zoo, which has a Japanese style garden where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. You can reach at peak of this hill by foot or by car. After enjoying these, you can also enjoy two pools built there, named as Tupahue and Antilen. For children, Children’s Park of Cerro San Cristobel is also there.

Valle de la Luna is second popular place among tourists in Chile. This is also known as Valley of the Moon, which is situated in north of Chile. You will here find amazing beauty of formations of sand and stones that are carved by nature with wind and water. Here, you will find ample colors and textures that give the resemblance of surface of moon. You will also get to see a white area that is formed due to salt present in dry lakes of this region. Some creatures made up of salt appear like man made sculptures. You will observe variety of colors changing from one to another during sunset. Also, it is one of the most dried places on Earth and has not witnessed even a single drop of guide on Chile Trip.

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The people who love history must pay a visit to the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, situated in Santiago. This museum is built in the memory of victims of human rights violations during the period of military regime. This museum ahs three levels and 11 rooms in it. The museum consists of entry hall, Military Coup of September 11, 1973”, “End of Rule of Law”, “International Condemnation”, “Repression and Torture”, “The Pain of the Children”, “A Demand for Truth and Justice” and many more.

Some other places where you can visit in Chile are Torres del Paine National Park, La Moneda Palace, Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, Cajon del Maipo, Santa Lucia Hill, El Tatio, Valle Nevado, El Yeso Dam and many more.

If you wish to travel Chile, the time period from November to early March will be the best. As it is the peak season, you will meet heavy crowds; but this weather is considered as best for visiting various National Parks.we will provide complete travel guide on Chile Trip later.



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