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Travel guide ideas while traveling to Ecuador

Ecuador is a country situated in South America. In the west of the main land, there are Galapagos Islands. Spanish is the official language of this country and Quito is the capital. Moreover, Guayaquil is the largest city of this country. This country is very rich in cultural heritage and is also decalred as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978. This country has developing economy depends mostly upon petroleum and agricultural products and is known as medium income country.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Ecuador Trip.

travel guide on Ecuador Trip.

The very beautiful site, where you must visit while traveling to Ecuador is Cotopaxi. It is located in Latacunga city, Ecuador. This is an active volcano and is the second highest summit in this country. Also, it is one of the world’s highest volcanoes. This volcano has erupted for more than fifty times since 1738 that has become the cause of formation of valleys around it. This summit is also used for recreational activities today. It is very popular site or mountain climbing and approximately 100 climbers attempts to climb it on weekends. Some adventure tourism operators also provide the opportunity of mountain biking tours to this guide on Ecuador Trip.

Another amazing place to visit in this country is Ciudad Mitad del Mundo. This is a museum park and monument. The monument here is the Monument to the Equator that depicts the precise location of Equator. And it is from here only that country got its name. the museum will give you a chance to peed into the indigenous ethnography of Ecuador. The monument of this park is thirty feet tall and was made in 1982. The museum is an amusement for visitors. Her, you will get to know about amazing tricks that are possible only on Equator. Some such tricks are water flowing clockwise and anti clockwise at same time, balancing eggs on end and weakening of muscles due to latitude.

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Quilotoa is another stunning place to visit while traveling to Ecuador. This is a water body and is the most western volcano in Ecuador. This caldera is 250 meter deep and has water of green in color due to dissolved minerals. Not only this, Fumaroles can also be seen on lake floor. You can travel here by hiring a bus or truck from Latacunga and it costs around two US Dollars. You can also enjoy several activities here like hiking, camping and many others. You can do hiking from sandy and steep places.

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Apart from these best tourist destinations, you can also visit Cotopaxi National Park, Cajas National Park, Compania de Jesus, Plaza de la Independencia, New Cathedral of Cuenca, Machalilla National Park, Floreana Island, Baltra Island, Cathedral of Quito, Tortuga Bay, Yasuni National Park, Cayambe, Old Cathedral of Cuenca and many more.

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As far as popular cuisines of this country is concerned, do not forget to taste Choclo, Arroz con Pollo, Cuy, Librillo and many more. If you really wish to visit Ecuador, you must visit here during rainy season. The best rainy season can be experienced here in months of December, January to April or May.we will provide travel guide on Ecuador Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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