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Travel Guide Ideas While Travelling to Chile

Few countries in the world like Chile have a mixture of nature around them. From the driest deserts of the planet and vaporous geysers in the north. We cross to a territory of snow peaks, glaciers  in immense blocks of ice and tails of whale. Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Chile Trip.

Also emerging from nowhere lakes reflect smoky cones of still active volcanoes, large tracts of vineyards lost on the horizon and, of course, islands allow us to believe again in the 03existence of the impossible.

we will provide travel guide on Chile Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

Pablo Neruda once said that “there is a certain pleasure in the madness that only the madman knows”. In this case, that madness was called Chile, whom he loved looking out the window of his home on Isla Negra or traveling the world during his exile.

About Chile:

Chile is located in South Americ besides Argentina and is called Estrecho de Magallanes as well as the indomitable Chilean Tierra del Fuego. Over here your traveling friends can be whales, penguins and sea lions and the landscape of mountains, southern crosses, and mid-breaking glaciers.

The base to live an experience of this type can be the city of Punta Arena. From there go out to discover corners of which has taken over the wild fauna. In Magdalena Island, one can embark to admire Magellanic penguins.

Places to visit in Chile:

Francisco Coloane Marine Park

In the Francisco Coloane Marine Park bordering Riesco Island, Carlos III Island and part of the Brunswick Peninsula, large expeditions are carried out to observe, photograph and catalog humpback whales that go there to feed themselves because they prefer the nutrients of this area to those of Antarctica.

Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park is the capital of trekking in Chilean territory. The famous Horns of Paine or Gray Glacier are more than a 100% Patagonian icon. On the other side are the kilometers and kilometers of snow of the South Ice Field.

Los Glaciares National Park

The Los Glaciares National Park of Argentina is a short bird flight but on foot, it is an insurmountable wall. Fortunately, the hikers have in this place one of the best places in the world to practice their passion.

Osorno Volcano

The king of the Region of the Lakes is his Majesty the Osorno Volcano. From the shores of Lake Llanquihue it is admirable. In a city of past and German aesthetics like Puerto Varas.  In the bucolic is toasting with the Chilean version of Mount Fuji of Japan. So when it is completely snowy, are those of a perfect volcano in Osorno.

Using Puerto Varas as a base you can border the Llanquihue and enjoy fascinating views that in the Saltos del Petrohue and its waterfalls in blue color became sublime and with the perfect view of the volcano the Lake of All Santos shows us a calm sea in the middle of the Andes. we will provide travel guide on Chile Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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