Best places to travel while visiting to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city located in Clark country, United States. Las Vegas is highly famous for its gambling, shopping, nightlife, fine dining and the entertainment. Further, it is also a leading center of Nevada in financial, commercial and cultural sector. Today, this city has the ranking of most visited tourist destination in world and is also very popular for literature, films, television programs and music videos. This city is also known as the gambling capital of the world and has largest number of casinos in the world.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Las Vegas Trip.

travel guide on Las Vegas Trip

Bellagio is the luxury hotel and casino in Las Vegas that was opened in 1998. The main tower of Bellagio has 36 floors and 3015 rooms. The center of attraction of this place is the lake of 3.2 hectares between the building and strip where, there are fountains of Bellagio that is synchronized with music. In this building, more than two thousand hand blown glass flowers look very guide on Las Vegas Trip.

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There is also an organized crime and law enforcement museum in Las Vegas, known as Mob Museum. It was established in 2012 and is dedicated to artifacts stories with the history of crimes in United Stats. This museum shows the relationship between organized crime and law enforcement according to history of US.

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If you are interested in marine life, you can visit Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. It is the largest tank in North America and it exhibits various species of sharks, rays, fish, reptiles and many marine invertebrates. Here, you can also enjoy a shark tunnel. There are many other animals also that are fund here, like golden crocodiles, Komodo Dragon, Burmese Python and green tree monitors. Some other animals include horseshoe crabs, zebra sharks, green sea turtles, sand tiger sharks and green sawfish.

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Another amazing place to visit in Las Vegas for fun is an Adventuredome amusement park. This park was established in 1993 and has 25 rides in total. This park is also connected to a hotel in a glass dome. As far as the rides are concerned, there are many, like Canyon Blaster roller coaster, rock climbing walls, 18-hole miniature golf course, video game arcade, clown shows, xtreme zones, virtual reality zones and midway games and much more. There are some rides for juniors also, like froghopper, miner Mike, and Thunderbirds.

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Four Queens is also an amazing place to visit in Las Vegas. This is a skyscraper hotel and casino opened in 1966. In 2013, it was the first casino to offer Geoff Hall’s switch that is now available in every part of Las Vegas.

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Stratosphere Thrill Ride is something that a daring and fearless person must try. These rides are located at the top of Stratosphere Tower, which is 900 feet high. It is an eight-seat ride that turns into an open roller coaster with the speed of 30 miles per hour. The view of the city from this ride will leave you spellbound and there are a hundred patterns of falling off this ride that are operated by computer.

Therefore, these are the places in Las Vegas where you must visit.we will provide travel guide on Las Vegas Trip in more detail in our next Article stay connected with us.

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