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Brazil is the largest country in South and North America. In addition, it is the fifth largest country in terms of population. The national language is Portuguese. Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brasil and attracts many tourists. This city is well known for skyscrapers, gastronomy and some robust culture. Here, you can also find many ethnic groups from all over the world. In this area of Brazil, some area of Atlantic rain forests can also be found.Today we will provide a complete travel guide on Brazil Trip.

travel guide on Brazil Trip

Another famous city of Brazil where you should visit is Brasilia. The amazing infrastructure of this city is the center of attraction for tourists here. The infrastructure of this city is designed in the shape of airplane and is divided into some sections. Another significant building of this city is the Three Power square that has the Presidential Palace, the congress and the Supreme Court. Some buildings of this city has glass roof where you can enjoy the beauty of the guide on Brazil Trip.

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If you are fond of beaches, you must go to Fortaleza. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Brazil and is the fifth largest city of Brazil. You can here enjoy swimming, sun bathing and surfing. Other than these, you can also enjoy delicious meals of hotels and restaurants. This city is the second most desired destination of tourists in Brazil. You can admire the beauty of Atlantic Ocean, which is in the north of this city.

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Paraty is another city of Brazil that is known as a paradise of tropical forests. Here, you can enjoy the sightings of wonderful waterfalls, emerald sea and coastal mountains. This city is located in Rio de Janeiro. It is the small town that has mountains on its back. You can here admire the beauty of the architecture of some landmarks like Capela de Santa Rita, which is a church.

Allied to these, while visiting Brazil, do not forget to visit Recife, that has the nickname of “Venice of Brazil”. The reason behind this name is plenty of waterways and bridges in this town. This city is surrounded by many islands and rivers. One radical center of attraction in this city for tourists is its historical value, beaches and vibrant culture. This city has the best beaches of Brazil and Boa Viagem is the moist popular beach of this town. At this beach, you will find pristine white sands, clear water and coral guide on Brazil Trip.

In Brazil, you should also visit Amazonas Opera House and Rio Negro Palace in Manaus. This city is of utmost importance for tourists because it is the gateway for Amazon rainforests. As a result of this, the industries of rubber are at peak in this region. Another important sight of this place is Meeting of Waters, which is a natural phenomenon where river Negro and River Solimoes meet without merging into one another.

If you are searching for best time to visit Brazil, there is no such time and you can visit any time because it is a tropical area and is warm all year round.

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