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Best things to do in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the unincorporated territory in United States and the capital of this territory is San Juan. Mostly, Spanish and English is the language that is spoken here and is located in north eastern part of Caribbean sea. Puero Rico is an archipelago that has the main island known as Puerto Rico with some other islands like Mona Culebra and Vieques. This territory is the popular destination for visitors due to its rich history, tropical climate, diverse natural scenery and traditional cuisine. Usually, the citizens of this territory are natural bon citizens of United States.

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El Yunque national reserve is the federal forest reserve where one must visit and you can also enjoy hiking here. This reserve was also known as Caribbean National Reserve and is located in north eastern part of Puerto Rico. Here, you can find four vegetation areas, known as Tabonuco Forest, Palo Colorado Forest, Sierra Palm forest and Dwarf Forest. As far as the fauna of this national reserve is concerned, here, you can find many species like Coqui, Elfin Woods Warbler and Puerto Rican Amazon and many more.

To enjoy beauty of beaches, parasailing and shopping, you can visit Isla Verde. The meaning of its name is “Green Island”. In this area, you can enjoy the stay, as there are ample of hotels, restaurants and some expensive homes also. You can easily reach here through bus terminals. Near Isla Verde, there is Condado that is one of the popular tourist destinations and has many restaurants, hotels, casinos and other facilities.

Museum of Art of Puerto Rico will amaze you with the mesmerizing beautiful art pieces. This museum was established in 2000 and is located in santurce, San Juan. Here, the visitors can enjoy galleries, theatres, botanical gardens, restaurants, Department of Conservation and Research center and many others.

Culebrita is also the beautiful beach located in Caribbean Sea. This is a small uninhabited island on the eastern part of Puerto Rico. This is also a nature reserve and Culebra national Wildlife Refuge. Here, you will also see Culebrita Lighthouse that is one of the oldest lighthouses in Caribbean. It has two shallow lagoons and is surrounded by small mangrove fringe. In these areas, the local wildlife can be found.

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Pozo de Jacinto is the historical place of Puerto Rico where you must visit. It is a pit cave located at Jobos Beach. It is a small cave on the rocks of the beach and according to a local tale; this is named after a local legend farmer, known as Jacinto who died here. It is also known as Jacinto’s Well.

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Apart from these, you can visit Tribes Indigenous Ceremonial Center, San Jose Church, Spanish Virgin Islands, Arecibo Light, Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, flamenco Beach, Gozalandia Hiking arena, Guajataca Tunnel, Cueva del indio, Cueva Ventana and Las cascadas Water Park.

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However, the best time to visit Puerto Rico is from April to June because the spring season during this time is very pleasant.

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