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Best things to do while going to Sofia

Sofia is the province located in Bulgaria and is its capital also. Sofia is the administrative center of Bulgaria and has many mountains. The economy of this province is hugely dependent upon mining and metallurgy and mining. Many copper mines can be seen in this state and the sugar and food industry also contributes to its economy.

National Museum of Military History is the museum located in Sofia, Bulgaria. This museum depicts the history of military. Many military types of equipment are displayed in this historic museum. Some artillery includes 76 mm divisional gun, 37mm automatic air defense gun, field gun, katyusha rocket launcher and some others. There are many missiles, military vehicles, tanks and aircrafts.

You can also visit the National Historical Museum that was founded in 1973. it is the largest museum located in Bulgaria. Here, you can find more than 650,000 items related to archeology, fine arts, history and ethnography. This also includes a cloakroom, buffet, library and souvenir shop. The collections of this museum includes the items from pre historic ages till present day.

Sofia Zoo is the center of attraction for tourists in Sofia. This zoo was first opened in 1888 and has more than 270 species of animals and birds. This zoo has grazing animals, primates, predators, penguins, birds and other species. There is also a veterinary clinic that can be visited without getting entered into zoo.

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There is also an artificial lake in Sofia, known as Lake Ariana that is of medium size and has an island at its narrowest tip. This lake was constructed in 19th century and is the center of attraction. The main features of this river include water wheels and rowing boats. You can also enjoy the ice skating in freezed water of the lake.

For kayaking and sports, Iskar Reservoir is the best place to visit. It is the largest reservoir in Bulgaria and is the source of two third of water in Sofia, which is used for generating hydroelectricity. This reservoir also has a drainage system and the dam has also been constructed on this reservoir.

South Park is another beautiful site to visit in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is one of the most popular and beautiful park in Sofia. It ahs many cafes and you can also enjoy cycling and walking. For locals, it is one of the best places in Sofia for sports and walking.

Another amazing place to visit in Sofia is Museum of Socialist Art. In this museum, you will find more than 200 items on display. It depicts the history of communist regime in Bulgaria. It has large and small statues, busts and paintings as well. It si also a branch of national art gallery and has three parks in which there are many statues and sculptures. It has 60 paintings and 25 easel paintings. You can also find the portraits of Karl Marx, Lenin, Englesa and Stalin that are symbolic of incongruity.

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Therefore, these were some of the best places to visit in Sofia that will give you a great time.

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