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Canada is the homeland of equality,justice and tolerance. The country where racism is never a black picture. The North American country where massive Toronto,Vancouver the Rocky mountains and the famous Niagara falls resides. Inspiring scenes,vibrant cities and the welcoming atmosphere.So,lets dive into Canada.


Situated in New Found land ,in eastern Canada. The rocks of this mystical place helped geologist understand how the oceans and the continents were created. The green paradise is popular between the wildlife viewers who love watching the tiny song birds to black bears. The peak season to experience the snow is the short summer season.


The best in the west. One of the famous rodeos in the world. The Calgary stampede has grown over the years continuing it’s legacy. Today attracting the best cow boys who compete for 2 million dollars. Other activities include live concert,a carnival,chuckwagon races,crafts and food. This boomed celebration is welcomed in the month of July for ten days.


Popularly also known as the horse shoe falls or 3 major waterfalls. The dream house in each of our mind. The 3 falls have higher flow rate than any in the world. This waterfall nest is visited by 20 million people annually. People love taking boat rides and capturing the nature’s creation. This enchanted beauty never fails to please anyone.


The homeland of skyscrapers,Victorian building and the china town. The majestic cosmopolitan city with a historic touch. Top places to visit here the Hockey hall of fame,high park,Toronto island,st.Lawrence market,Ontario museum. This city is known for it’s professional sports team. This city is always bold to show it’s features and welcome the tourists.


One of the largest metropolitan area where tourists love to swim in the ocean,roller blade through scenic parks and snow ski in the mountains. The vibrance of this area makes tourist feel lively. The best attraction are Stanley park which is the home for thousands of birds. The totem pole here are carved by the first nations tribal members. The Capilana suspension bridge where visitors see the upper portion of an old growth rain forest.


The cultural and the financial capital where the maximum French speaking community resides. The place where a mixed culture settles from historic to modernity,from downtown district to an entertainment world.


The blessed place with lush green field and breath taking views. The hidden beauty can be experienced along the Trans-Canada highway. The major wildlife which takes a shelter here are bears,bald eagles. The flora and the fauna of this place is simply enchanting.


The famous resort for the mountain lovers. The alpine ski destination in North America. The base of the mountain has 3 villages. Tourists come to delight themselves watching the snow filled peaks.


The rich french heritage and language is the charm of this city. The colonial class,the cobblestone streets that catches attraction of thousands. Vieux Queber is the historic district. The major attractions being the Citadel and the Place Royale.


The Rideau canal running through this city is a major attraction as in winter it becomes the world’s largest ice skating playground. However,As being the capital it’s beauty looks more like a palace than an financial establishment.


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