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Places to Visit in Greenland

A journey of a thousand mile must begin with a single step. Greenland with Denmark being it’s capital. With very less population this place is called the heaven of the world. Sparkling ice and glaciers save people from the scorching heat. The lush green mountains with geysers and springs. The flora and the fauna makes it the earth’s paradise. Animals like the seals,whales and the rare reindeer can be seen. The place has unmatched beauty and there’s no road to travel and can only be explored by boat,sled or airplane. The best time to visit here is during the spring.


The majestic glaciers break from the icebergs to float in the shallow water. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site since a decade. The “SERMEQ KUJALLEQ” can be viewed from miles. It’s 5 km wide and 1 km thick. This place shows it’s immense beauty leaving people to be in wonder. The melting of the glaciers is a dream watch


AURORA BOREALIS or the dancing lights. Tourists stay here to see these magnificent discoveries. These light show happens mostly during the month of winter as the sky is clear. Shelter can be taken in the lodges and hence the lights can be admired. This dance is a delight to the eyes. It’s peace to see the sky changing it’s color with time while you are lying down gazing at the western sky.  Greenland gives the best views of these lights in the world.


The fruitful watching is served to the nature lovers. During the summer month this can be done as the glaciers are in a state of melting. Tours depart from towns like Nuuk. The melting of the glaciers and the whales surrounding you is simply magical. Blue whales,sperm whales,narwhals are mostly seen in common.


Freezing winter and warm water can make anyone’s day. The spring here are chosen for bathing. The view of the ice peaks and touch of the warm water is spectacular. There are more than 1000 hot springs and geysers which serves as a relief to the people. This place can be reached by taking a boat ride from Illulissat.


The ancient settlement happened here. The village is now abandoned but the place isn’t ruined. This was the first Eskimo zone in the arctic. The village can still be seen and is now being preserved. The Illulissat museum has some of it’s precious gifts to be shown to the world.


This is a fantasy for everyone to be in snow surrounded by reindeer, bears and white tailed eagles. This environment around you can be seen,with each step this world has something better to offer. The winter months are the best for this. Dogs are used to carry people down the lane. The white snows is admired and people leave contended.


If you have the desire to travel back to the history then is the place. The Norsemen settlement stayed here and till now nobody knows what happened to them. This place remain a mystery yet to be resolved. These 1000 year old colony takes people back into the history. These ruins are the oldest in Greenland and the touch of this can make you feel about the Norsemen.

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