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 Live in the sunshine ,swim in sea and drink the wild air. How beautiful is to travel come NICARGUA will teach you. From colonial cities to rich culture and heritage,from lush nature to silent volcanoes,from shoreline to the tropical wildlife. This corn island is not only cheap but rich with culture and heritage. The prices are very low to fit into any budget format.


The historical Spanish settlement in this country started here. Most well preserved architecture of the Spanish colonial houses. One may take a kayaking trip to the islets.Mombacho volcano is not far from this town. The Masaya market famous for the foodies. Be sure to eat the pork,cabbage dish and kathy’s waffles. Tourists take the hiking trip to the nearby volcano. The culture here is still preserved.


The summer waves will bring you here in this wild atmosphere. This sandy shoreline is the famous beach in Nicargua. With pool parties,warm water to surf,cheap bars. This place is famous among young troops. World’s second largest idol of Jesus Christ can be seen here. The two hotels which can be booked here are The naked tiger and the pachamama. This place gives a exotic view of the sunset and rise with the sands changing it’s shade.


Resulting due to combination of two volcanoes and located in Lago de nicargua. This island is also known as the buzzing island as there are many activities that can be done while admiring the nature such as hiking,kayaking or cycling. Monkeys hiding behind the greenery can be a threat as they are very playful.


The tans here are memorable with the soak of sun and water. The quite romantic breeze with silence all around as the two islands little corn and the big corn are very cheap with eminent facilities. These islands are famous for the scuba dive and the big corn offers it to it’s tourists. These places are for the ones who want to live in peace and serenity.


Tourists see the lava flowing down here. this active volcano organizes tour to the mountains. People hike to the top and then fly down side of the volcano. This place is extraordinary to visualize the stories of the television and the seeing it in the reality.


person who has been carving the stones into idols which he sees in his dreams. According to him, he’s inspired by god. He showcases his talent bringing out his rich thoughts. The stone carvings are a delight to see and are being preserved.


The city was the old capital until 1857. The national university resides here. histories were created here between the Somozas and the Sandinista can still be seen in the Graffiti. The past is well pictured in the churches,arts museums and a food movement. With a very less amount people are allowed to see this. The museum of the revolution shows the best of the Sandinista movement.


The ruins here are dated up to 16th century. This is taken by the UNESCO under the world heritage site. The first colonial settlement of the Spanish in the Americas. Surrounded by thick dense jungle this place is almost in ruins but still speaks volumes about the past.

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