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Traveling with a CPAP Machine : The Planning and Trip  

In can be quite challenging to live with sleep apnea, even, without the hassles associated with traveling with a CPAP. However, you don’t have to leave your machine at home even when the trip is not too long as traveling with the machine is easier than what you think.

Planning for the trip

You will to begin planning for the travel well in advance. Ensure that you check all the important things before you can start your travel. With a little planning, it will be possible for you to have an easier travel that is more enjoyable. Begin by packing the machine in your checked luggage or you can even take it along on the plane. You will not be prevented from carrying it along as the machine is considered to be a medical device.

Most of the newer machines are usually small and lightweight and are available with their carrying case. This means that it doesn’t have to be a burden to travel with them. However, if you are searching for more convenience, you can choose the CPAP machines that are travel specific as they are not only more convenience, you can choose the CPAP machine that are travel specific as they are not only more convenience, you can choose the CPAP machine that are travel specific as they are not only more convenient but they can also be easy to carry along. If you happy to travel often, it can be advisable to buy a secondary machine that is travel specific.

Ensure that all the proper plugs and adaptors are in place when travelling. It doesn’t have to be a problem to travel internationally as the newer machines comes with some universal power supplies that are able to adapt to different voltages. Another option would be rent or purchase a battery pack for precautions against the power outages.

It is also advisable to carry some extra supplies such as cushions. This is important as you may not understand when your mask cushion may failing. Prior to the packing of the CPAP machine, you should ensure that the humidifier chamber is not only empty but should also be dry to prevent any potential spillage that may damage the machine.

In case you will be flying at night or you intend to sleep during your flight and therefore intend to use the  CPAP machine on the flight, you should ensure that there are power outlets on your seat. You should  also carry your prescription with you just in case of breakdown of your machine.


Points to consider while purchasing CPAP Machine. Selection of mask is the very important part of purchasing. It must be perfect and must have 100% suitability. So that your usage will be maximized. Most of the Cpap Machine are quite with very low noise. It will be below 30 decibels only. However, this can be irritating for the user if he is sensitivity to noise. You can check the decibel level of the machine before you purchase and buy one with the least noise. If you know more about CPAP please visit

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